Government of the Federated States of Micronesia

Yap State Postmaster retires

POHNPEI, Palikir (FSM Information Service): April 2000 - The FSM Postmaster General has announced the retirement of the Carmen Mutnguy Tun, Yap State postmaster.

Tun began serving with the FSM Postal Service in 1985 where she served as a postal clerk. In 1988, Tun was appointed Postmaster of the Yap office, where she served "with distinction," according to Betwell Henry, Postmaster General.

Tun recently received a certificate of appreciation and commendation from FSM President Leo A. Falcam when Postal Service officials traveled to Yap State to clear her account and to convey the FSM government's deep appreciation for her "exemplary service," said Henry in a recent Cabinet meeting.

"Carmen did an outstanding job keeping her Post Office in the best of condition and generating revenues second only to Pohnpei. She served with integrity, dependability and frugality. During her tenure, postal services extended to the outer islands with a branch in Ulithi and mail being delivered to Fais and Woleai, and at times mail service on the field trip ships," wrote Henry in a press release.

"An important part of what Carmen did was that she left a staff that can continue the good work she did," continued Henry.

Tun has indicated she will now devote her time to her family and her work with various groups in Yap.

Tun had said she would retire upon reaching retirement age. True to her word, she retired April 6.

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