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Pohnpei attorney on trial for violating FSM weapons laws

POHNPEI, Palikir (FSM Information Service): April 2000 - The FSM Supreme Court case against Pohnpei attorney Martin Jano for allegedly violating FSM gun laws continued today at the FSM Supreme Court.

The case stems from a shooting incident occurring at the Inada Apartment Building in Net Municipality on Oct 3, 1999.

The case began Tuesday, April 18, and continued on Thursday, where the court heard testimony from police officers about the weapons found in an apartment during the execution of a search warrant and from the Pohnpei Utilities Corporation customer service manager, who testified as to whose name was on the PUC billing of the address where the weapons were found.

According to court records, Sidney Oliver identified Jano as the man who shot him in the leg with a handgun. Acting on that, a search warrant was issued by the Pohnpei State Supreme Court to search Apartment number 3, which was allegedly occupied by Jano.

The search turned up seven .22 caliber bullets, one .357 caliber bullet, and eighteen .38 caliber bullets. It also turned up one .38 caliber handgun, three .22 rifles, and one .410 gauge shotgun. Of the weapons found, the handgun and one .22 caliber rifle had had the serial numbers destroyed, according to the Supreme Court record.

Jano was charged with violation of 11 FSMC Section 1223(5) which states, "No person shall import, sell, transfer, give away, purchase, possess, or use any handgun."

Furthermore, Jano was charged with violation of 11 FSMC Section 1205(1) which requires anyone possessing a firearm to have a firearm identification card.

He was charged under the same code for not having an identification card when possessing ammunition.

Furthermore still, Jano was charged with obliterating weapons' serial numbers and using a firearm and ammunition without an identification card.

All totaled, Jano is charged with 12 counts, all of which are felonies. He faces up to a $2,000 fine and five years in prison for each count if found guilty.

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