Government of the Federated States of Micronesia

Moratorium restricts foreign labor entry into FSM

PALIKIR, Pohnpei (FSM Information Service): April 18, 2002 - The Federated States of Micronesia has instituted moratorium on the entry of non-citizen workers into the country.

Public Law No. 12-13, the moratorium, took effect on March 13 2002. The moratorium places a halt on the entry of additional non-citizen workers into FSM, except for those occupations and industries identified by emergency regulation as having insufficient trained FSM citizens.

The moratorium is a response to the concern over the rising number of non-citizen alien workers present in the FSM and the increasing number of FSM citizens migrating to seek employment. The new law is intended to give FSM leaders an opportunity to reassess the Nation's dependence on alien workers and seek better ways of utilizing the local workforce.

In accordance with Public Law No. 12-13, President Leo A. Falcam, had requested each Governor to identify those occupations and industries in the States that will be affected by the moratorium. Based on information provided by each State, the National Government compiled a list of occupations to be exempt from the moratorium pursuant to the emergency regulation which will be in effect for 120 days or until July 13 2002.

During this period, each state is expected to hold public hearings to determine permanent regulations for Public Law No. 12-13.

The FSM Department of Justice has issued a notice to the general public for review and input on the occupation listing and to submit their comments to:

Secretary, FSM Department of Justice, P.O. Box Ps-105, Palikir Pohnpei 96941 or by fax to (691) 320-2234.

The emergency regulations are available from FSM Division of Immigration and Labor. A clear message stated in the Division's public notice reads:

"[...] An alien worker whose occupation does not fall under the specific occupation or industries declared by the President, and who currently holds a valid entry/work permit that is valid beyond the 90 days, but will expire during the Moratorium must leave the FSM and cannot return once the permit expires [...]"

Entry of foreign labor shall be limited to the occupations and industries listed:

  1. Accountants (licensed CPA only)
  2. Agriculture Researchers
  3. Architects (licensed/accredited)
  4. Aquaculture Researcher
  5. Attorneys (licensed)
  6. Aviators
  7. Bank Managers/Supervisors
  8. Chemist - Coconut Processing Plant
  9. Chemist - Manufacturer of Juice, Soft Drinks and Alcohol
  10. Civil Engineer (licensed/accredited)
  11. Comptollers
  12. Computer Programmers and Technicians
  13. Dive Masters (certified)
  14. Draftsmen
  15. Economist
  16. Electrical Engineers (licensed/accredited)
  17. Electricians
  18. Electronic Technicians
  19. Engineers (licensed/accredited)
  20. Engineers - Manufacturing Plant for Juice, Soft Drink, Alcohol
  21. Fishing Boat Engineers
  22. Foreign Investment Permit Holders
  23. Government Contractors
  24. Health Care Specialists/Medical Technologists
  25. Internal Auditors(licensed CPA only)
  26. Machinist
  27. Marine Biologist
  28. Master Chefs (accredited and certified)
  29. Medical Doctors (licensed and accredited)
  30. Missionaries
  31. Scuba Diving Instructors (certified)
  32. Surgeons
  33. Nurses (RN or LPN)
  34. Surveyors
  35. Teachers and Professors

For further information on this release, please contact:

FSM Office of the President
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