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Yap holds state funeral for former Governor Mangefel

Palikir, POHNPEI(FSM Information Services): April 20, 2007 - The Government of the State of Yap has scheduled a State Funeral on Friday - April 20th for its first Governor, the late John de Avila Mangefel.

Former Governor Mangefel died at the Yap Memorial Hospital on April 10 2007, a little over a month following admittance. He was 74.

The body of former Governor Mangefel will lie in state at the Yap State Legislature Chamber for the State Funeral on Friday before being transport to the family residence at Atliw Village where it will be in repose until Saturday.

In accordance with the funeral arrangements, former Governor Mangefel's body will be interred at the family graveyard on Saturday - April 21 2007.

As the first Governor of the new State of Yap, the late Mangefel is in the revered echelon of Founding Fathers of the Micronesian islands and one of beloved Fathers of Yap State.

He had served in various capacities within the Yap State Government and with the National Government. Among the positions held at the national level is that of the FSM National Planner, Deputy Secretary of Foreign Affairs and also at the Office of the President as the Disaster Coordinator.

Yap State Resolution No. 7-25, noted that the late Mangefel will "always be remembered by the leaders and the people of the State of Yap as a great statesman, a leader and a fellow Yapese who made significant contributions to the political, economical and social development of the State of Yap [as well as] the FSM."

Former Governor Mangefel is survived by his wife Helen Turgeg, their children and grandchildren.

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