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Ambassador-Designate Delfin Colome of Spain to FSM

PALIKIR, Pohnpei (FSM Information Service): April 28, 1997 - The Ambassador-designate of the Kingdom of Spain to the Federated States of Micronesia, His Excellency Delfin Colome, presented to Acting President Jacob Nena his Letter of Credence from King Juan Carlos I (The First) of Spain. It accredits him as the Kingdom's first Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary in a ceremony held in the afternoon of April 21, 1997, in the President's Cabinet Room at the FSM Capital in Palikir.

In presenting his letter of credence, Ambassador-designate Delfin Colome made the following remarks:

"It is a great honor for me to present to Your Excellency the Letters of Credence signed by His Majesty the King of Spain, Juan Carlos I, that accredit me as Ambassador of Spain to the Federated States of Micronesia.

Before anything else, Mr. President, allow me to transmit to Your Excellency my most sincere wishes for your personal happiness and for the prosperity of Micronesia, Letters which I have just presented.

My diplomatic experience is as long as it is diverse. I belong to the first generation of diplomats of the Democracy. A generation that had the enormous responsibility and immense professional challenge of showing to the world the image and the meaning of a new Spain that emerged from the shadows of dictatorship with strength and decisiveness to reach modernity that, for so long was denied.

Thanks to the total dedication to liberty, democracy and progress, of all and each of its citizens guided by the wise hands of our King Juan Carlos I, in this 20 years of Monarchy, my country has been able to accomplish the goals of economic, social and political development that molds the Spain of the twenty first century.

My professional career has, thus, practically coincided with this interesting period wherein I have put all my efforts, knowledge and illusions.

And, it is my intention to continue doing so with the Federated States of Micronesia where it is my fervent wish to assure a good means of communication not only with the authorities of this country, but with the entire society.

Mr. President, between our two countries exists a huge geographic distance that puts us in the limits of the remote. But today, in the threshold of the 21st century, we should be able to overcome this spell and make it possible for our two countries to know each other more and better, basically through two ways:

Firstly, looking into the past and finding in our common history of several centuries a good excuse for meeting once again.

Secondly, looking into the future, using all the available methods of modern technology to connect our resources through a global network that sails through the pathways of information, distance no longer coming in between and being used, sometimes very accommodatingly, as an excuse not to develop our bilateral relations.

If the daring Spanish navigators of the 16th century - Legazpi, Pericon, Saavedra and Villalobos - in their frail vessels were capable of sailing the seas, doing so, even with more assurance should not be a problem for the cybernauts of our time. Knowing each other better, as a prior step to cooperate more closely, would mean an increase in our present scarce bilateral relations that, due to our common past, are full of affection and cordiality felt in Spain for the peoples of Micronesia.

I have, Mr. President, some projects which I shall be extending for the consideration of your Government. Its implementation would be the main focus of my Mission here. A focus wherein I shall put all my professional vigor and, I promise you, my personal enthusiasm.

And, allow me, Your Excellency, to reiterate the message of friendship and prosperity of His Majesty the King, to which the Government and the people of Spain join, in formulating fraternal wishes for the prosperity and happiness of the people of Micronesia."

Acting President Jacob Nena responded by welcoming His Excellency Delfin Colome and Mrs. Colome to the Federated States of Micronesia with the following remarks:

"I am grateful that you are able to join me this afternoon as I receive the distinguished Ambassador from the Kingdom of Spain, His Excellency Delfin Colome, and his lovely spouse, to the Federated States of Micronesia, particularly Palikir, the seat of the nation's capital. A very warm welcome to both of you.

Mr. Ambassador, I am pleased that you have taken the time to visit us and to present your credentials ads the Kingdom's Ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary to the Federated States of Micronesia.

In accepting your letters of credence, I want to assure you of my strong desire and commitment to work with you and your government to promote and advance our mutual interests. I also extend a warm welcome to you in joining the growing number of diplomatic representatives accredited to the FSM.

Spain is no stranger to our part of the world. Although formal diplomatic relations between the Federated States of Micronesia and the Kingdom of Spain formally began over four years ago, contacts and relationships between Spanish explorers of the Pacific. In fact, indelible imprints of the Spanish legacy abound on our landscape. Judeo-Christianity was of course brought to this part of the world by Spanish Missionaries, more specifically Jesuit Priest. Here in Pohnpei alone, there are families with Spanish names and of course the famous Spanish wall in Kolonia town is a well-known historical landmark to visitors, scholars and historians. Indeed, Spanish legacy has played a significant role in our history and culture. I hope that during your short stay here in Pohnpei, you will have time to visit these landmarks.

Mr. Ambassador, your accreditation to the FSM is another step forward in our mutual desire to strengthen our good relations. I am confident that relations will thrive based on our shared interests and close historical ties. I am gratified for the undertakings at the multilateral level, especially in areas that are mutually beneficial to our two countries some of which are in environment, disarmament and sustainable development. Given the dynamic and complex issues facing the world community, there is more reason for the FSM and Spain to work and cooperate more closely than ever.

Again, welcome to the FSM, and on your return, please convey to His Majesty King Juan Carlos I, my personal best wishes for his continued good health and for the prosperity of the Kingdom of Spain."

Following the ceremony refreshments were served to the guests and the Ambassador made courtesy calls on Acting President Nena, a number of cabinet officers, Vice Speaker of Congress, Honorable Claude Phillip, Pohnpei Governor Del Pangelinan and various diplomatic missions in Pohnpei.

A dinner was hosted by the Secretary of the Department of External Affairs at South Park Hotel in honor of Ambassador and Mrs. Colome.

The Ambassador of the Kingdom of Spain and Mrs. Colome departed Pohnpei, Wednesday, April 23, 1997, for Majuro on Continental Micronesia flight 956.

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