Government of the Federated States of Micronesia

Six Cabinets Took Oath of Office

PALIKIR, Pohnpei (FSM Information Service) - Six of President Leo A. Falcam's Cabinet Members were administered the oath of office this morning by Chief Justice Andon Amaraich at the Cabinet Room, in Palikir, Pohnpei.

Master of Ceremony, Kandhi Eliesar from the Department of Foreign Affairs told those gathered, "The purpose of gathering here this morning is to witness the administration of oath of office to six recently confirmed Department and Agency Heads who will form part of the new administration composition."

President Falcam in his remarks reminded the members of the Cabinet that the oath of office they have just taken is being witnessed by the Chief Justice, the Vice President and all the families and himself. "We have just witnessed before men and god that you have taken an oath and we shall hold you responsible for taking that oath witness by all of us." The President called the attention of those administered the oath of office, tot he good advice which Fr. McGarry told them during the inter-denominational service held a day before the President's inauguration, "Be a Good Shepherd. Take care of your sheep. When you wake up in the morning you should remind yourselves, how you had treated your sheep yesterday and how you will treat them today and tomorrow." He also reminded them of the three basic principles he told the FSM Nation during his inaugural address on July 21, that we shall respect our culture and tradition, we will be forever Micronesians, not Americans, not Asians, and not Europeans; that we shall work with our states to develop our economy; and that we shall vigorously pursue our foreign affairs diplomatic relations with the outside world. "I would like to add one more thing," he said, "a saying that I see in many books and some greeting cards, `Great things are done when men and mountains meet.' Today you meet a very steep mountain and you will do great things." The President concluding his remarks proposing a toast.

Oath of office was administered alphabetically by department and office beginning with the Departments of Economic Affairs, Finance and Administration, Foreign Affairs, Health, Education and Social Affairs, and the Office of the Public Defender and the Office of Postmaster General. Those administered the oath of office were Sebastian Anefal, Secretary of the Department of Economic Affairs; John Ehsa, Secretary of the Department of Finance and Administration; Epel K. Ilon, Secretary of the Department of Foreign Affairs; Dr. Eliuel K. Pretrick, Secretary of the Department of Health, Education and Social Affairs; and Beauleen Carl Worswick, Chief, Public Defender; and Bethwel Henry, Postmaster General.

For joining the brief ceremony, the President thanked the families gathered to witness the oath of office and the Ohwa Church Choir which presented a number. The invocation was by Reverend Kenchy Phillip.

The brief ceremony concluded with the signing of the oath of office by those who were administered the oath.

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