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President Mori Encourages Citizens Abroad to be Good Ambassadors for FSM

Palikir, Pohnpei (FSM Information Services): May 5, 2009 - As a focus during his administration, President Manny Mori has set out to help FSM citizens living abroad be recognized for the positive achievements they are making in their new communities overseas. Last year, during trips to Guam and Honolulu, President Mori was able to recognize citizens chosen by their peers who had made significant achievements by awarding certificates of recognition called Outstanding Citizens Awards and monetary gifts during ceremonies arranged by our consulate offices. On Guam, Governor Camacho, FSM Senator Peter Sitan, and Senator Moses Nelson participated in the award ceremony, which was considered a success, given the fact that it was the first one. In Honolulu, Senator Kalani English, a friend of the islands, and other officials attended the ceremony which was also successful.

President Mori has been concerned with the past actions of a few citizens abroad that have created a bad image in some parts of the U.S. and its territories. In a letter to Mr. Rodney Mori, the Vice President of a the FSM/Spokane, WA Association, President Mori stated that ‘this (bad image) is not good for our people and country, and that he is hopeful that through the positive efforts of many like the group in Spokane, that we can slowly improve our collective image throughout the USA as a people. Unless we can make positive contributions to the communities we call homes, we will not be well received by the host's residents."

As a reminder, there are Citizens Outreach and Advocacy Programs through the FSM's overseas missions. With a funding source of $10,000 appropriated by Congress, the FSM Government is doing its part to encourage citizens to be good ambassadors for the FSM and good citizens of the host communities they live in.

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