Government of the Federated States of Micronesia

President Emanuel Mori Continues Mission throughout FSM with State Visit to Kosrae

TOFOL, Kosrae (FSM Information Service): May 16, 2008 - President Emanuel Mori made his state visit to the State of Kosrae from May 3 - 6, 2008. President Mori and his delegation were received at the Kosrae International Airport by the Governor of Kosrae State, Robert J. Weilbacher, Lt. Governor, William O. Tosie, Vice Speaker Albert Welly, Chief Justice Aliksa B. Aliksa, Senator Paliknoa Welly, other governmental officials, and local citizens of Kosrae. Honor guards, local refreshments and live Chuukese and Kosraen music were provided at the airport.

This was the third FSM state visit, following visits to the States of Pohnpei and Yap, by President Mori in his continuing efforts to build a strong state and national coalition by personally meeting with state leadership to discuss issues and challenges affecting both levels of government.

President Mori's scheduled events began on Saturday, May 3, with tours of several project sites with state and municipality leaders, which included the crab farm, aquatic center, and coastal erosion project located in Malem, Utwe, Tafunsak and Walung. The President was briefed on the progress, issues and challenges facing the respective projects. The tours were followed by a welcoming dinner for President Mori and his delegation hosted by the Kosrae State Government.

The main event of the visit, the Kosrae State Joint Leadership Meeting ("Joint-Leadership Meeting"), took place on Monday May 5. The Joint-Leadership Meeting between the National Government, Kosrae State Government and municipality leaders at the Governor's conference room, involved several hours of briefings and updates on issues and challenges facing both Kosrae State and the national government.

Governor, Robert J. Weilbacher, opened the leadership meeting with welcoming remarks and commented on the fact that while all issues cannot be addressed, the visit by the President is, nonetheless, particularly important for the people to see the President and for the President to see some of the achievements and challenges of Kosrae State.

The President followed with opening remarks, first, underscoring the importance of discussing issues and hearing the views of the people in the respective states. The President stated that through these open discussions, it is his hope that the national government will understand the importance of the issues. The President forewarned that there are bound to be formidable challenges but noted that if all work together at both levels for the common good-those challenges can be overcome.

The topics of discussion for the Joint-Leadership Meeting began with Kosrae State Government's briefing regarding: (1) the Reform Program; and, (2) the Allocation of National Resources. There were, however, related sub-issues raised ranging from Revenue Raising Measures, Fund Reprogramming, and Severance Payments under the RIF to Export Programs, Banking Restrictions, and Farm Equipment Support Services. The national government, in turn, briefed Kosrae State Government officials and municipality leaders regarding: (1) Tax Reform; (2) Japan Foreign Aid; (3) Emergency Declaration for Coastal Erosion; and, (4) Project Management Unit.

At the conclusion of the Joint-Leadership Meeting, Acting Speaker of the Kosrae State Legislature, Albert Welly, gave closing remarks wherein he thanked the president for attending the meeting and acknowledged the support of the National Government in the achievements of the State's Reform Programs.

The State visit concluded with a dinner on Monday, May 5, hosted for President Mori and his delegation by the Kosrae Congressional Delegation.

Accompanying President Mori were Vice President, Alik Alik; Secretary of Foreign Affairs, Lorin Robert; Secretary of Health and Social Affairs, Dr. Vita Skilling; Secretary of TC&I, Francis Itimai; Secretary of Education, Casiano Shoniber; Director, Office of EEM, Andrew Yatilman; Assistant Secretary, Division of Investment, Rose Nakanaga; Assistant Secretary, Division of R&D, Marion Henry; Administrator, FSM Social Security, Alex Narruhn; Assistant Attorney General, Department of Justice, Kasio Kembo Mida, Jr.; Consul General, Guam Consulate, Gerson Jackson; Deputy Chief of Mission, Japan, Renster Andrew; and, Special Assistant to the President, Josiah Waguk.

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