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Switzerland Ambassador Favre presents credentials

PALIKIR, Pohnpei (FSM Information Services): May 17, 2004 - Ambassador Lise Favre of Switzerland presented her credentials to President Joseph J. Urusemal as her country's representative to the Federated States of Micronesia.

Diplomatic relations between the two countries had been established on April 22, 2003. And yesterday, a credential ceremony in the President's Cabinet room accredits Ambassador Favre as Switzerland's first ambassador to the FSM. Along with the President, attendance at the ceremony included: Vice President, Lt. Governor of Pohnpei State - Jack E. Yakana, members of the Diplomatic Corp, the President's Cabinet and various government officials.

President Urusemal welcomed the Ambassador and congratulated her on being the first representative of her country to the FSM. He expanded on the common ties of the two countries is their wish to "ensure that our people and our citizens enjoy the same rights and dignity accorded to all humanity."

The President continued that the global challenges of poverty, HIV/AIDS, terrorism and climate change bridges the distance between the two countries.

As the challenges continue to hamper the existence of humanity, the President expressed that the way forward will be to "continue to engage the world community to work together closely on these challenges.

"As your country is central to the global initiatives on humanity in Europe [...] we view this establishment of bilateral relations between our two countries as fruitful and productive," added the President.

Ambassador Favre's expressed her country's wish to establish the two countries incipient bilateral relations on "principles of mutual respect and understanding, in the observance of international law and in the spirit of peace and international cooperation."

The Ambassador shared the aim of her country's foreign policy objectives: peaceful coexistence of nations, alleviation of poverty in the world, respect for human rights and promotion of democracy, the safeguarding of the interests of the Swiss economy abroad and preservation of natural resources.

Echoing the issues of common concern noted by the President, the Ambassador shared that her country's concern for the preservation of the environment resulted in Switzerland's commitment to promote the "development of international environmental law."

She added that in her capacity, she would strive to develop friendly and fruitful relations between the two countries as she learns more about the FSM, its history, its people, culture and traditions.

Born in Geneva, Ambassador Favre holds a Masters of Arts from the University of Geneva. Her career in Foreign Affairs began in 1976, posted to Berne and Vienna. Her extensive career in Foreign Affairs spans the globe from the UN Headquarters in New York to Madagascar to South America. She is currently based in the Philippines as Switzerland's Ambassador to the FSM.

Bordered by France, Italy, Austria and Germany, Switzerland could be appropriately called the heart of Europe.

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