Government of the Federated States of Micronesia

Third Regular Session of the Tenth Congress Convened

PALIKIR, Pohnpei (FSM Information Service): May 19, 1998 - The Third Regular Session of the Tenth FSM Congress convened on May 13th with Speaker Jack Fritz presiding, according to a Congress release.

The invocation was given by Pastor Steven Malaki of the Assembly of God Church in Madolenihmw.

The roll call of the members shoed that quorum was present and session proceeded.

Excused from today's session were At Large Senators Redley Killon from Chuuk, Resio Moses from Pohnpei and Yosiwo George from Kosrae.

Speaker Fritz appointed a committee to wait on the President composed of Floor Leader Joseph Urusemal of Yap as chairman, Senators Dohsis Halbert from Pohnpei, Roosevelt Kansou from Chuuk and Vice Speaker Claude Phillip from Kosrae as members.

Observing the opening session were President Jacob Nena, Chief Justice Andon Amaraich, Pohnpei Governor Del Pangelinan, Australian Ambassador to the FSM Perry Head, Cabinet members, municipal officials and the general public from Pohnpei and other FSM States.

Congress received on the opening day presidential communications:

  • No. 10-251, submitting nominations for the FSM Telecommunications Board of Directors and MMA Board.
  • No. 10-252, transmitting a copy of the FY 1998 grant application for Pohnpei Community Health Center (CHC) program.
  • No. 10-253, submitting a bill to amend Section 203 of Title 2 of the FSM Code, as amended, to delete the requirement that the Budget Unit be contained in the Department of Finance and Administration.
  • No. 10-254, submitting a bill to amend Section 2 of Public Law No. 8-75, as amended by Public Laws Nos. 8-70, 8-116, and 8-145, to specify that the $35,000 appropriated for the Kosrae Poultry National Project.
  • No. 10-255, transmitting a bill to amend Section 136 of Title 52 of the FSM Code to disqualify state early retirement program participants from appointment in the FSM Public Service System.
  • No. 10-256, transmitting a resolution confirming the nomination of Nakama Sana from Chuuk to serve on the Investment Development Fund (IDF) Board of advisors.
  • No. 10-257, transmitting a resolution confirming the nomination of James Gilmar from Yap to serve on the Investment Development Fund (IDF) Board of Advisors.
  • No. 10-258, transmitting a resolution confirming the nomination of Mr. Jesse Raglmar-Subolmar to the Micronesian Maritime Authority (MMA)
  • No. 10-259, advising congress to disregard the earlier transmitted resolution, which appoints Mr. Patrick MacKenzie to replace Asterio Takesy as the at-large member of MMA since the laws does not require the advice and consent of Congress on such appointments.
  • No. 10-260, transmitting the nominations of Mr. Mohner Esiel from Pohnpei and Mr. Gideon Doone from Chuuk to the FSM Social Security Board.
  • No. 10-261, letter urging Congress to act favorably on C.B. No. 10-29, which would exempt export sales of domestic products from gross revenue tax (GRT).
  • No. 10-262, transmitting a proposed bill for an appropriation of $60,000 for sending State representatives to the 1998 Pacific Regional Education Conference in Kauai.
  • No. 10-263, transmitting the Administration's FY 1999 Budget Plan.
  • No. 10-264, transmitting a resolution to ratify the Agreement on Regional Cooperation in Matters Affecting International Commercial Shipping in Micronesia (the MSC Agreement).
  • No. 10-265, transmitting a resolution confirming the nomination of Dr. Catalino Catero to sit on the COM-FSM Board of Regents.

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