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Groundbreaking Ceremony for Yap Early Childhood Education Center

Palikir, Pohnpei (FSM Information Services): May 20, 2010 - In a ceremony today held at the future site of the Yap Early Childhood Education Center in Dinay, Gov. Sebastian Anefal, Lt. Gov Tony Tareg, His Excellency Ambassador Prahar, and honored guest Major General Donald Goldhorn gathered with other state officials, members of T-Company Construction, and ECE Personnel to participate in a formalized ground-breaking ceremony.

Guest speaker, Ambassador Prahar, issued challenges to the construction company as well as the educators and the community at large that would be using the facility for years to come.

"The United States has no interest in investing in junk buildings," said the Ambassador as part of his challenge to the construction workers. This was said in light of the recent $2.4 million contract awarded to T-Company, through the Office of Insular Affairs and the FSM Project Management Unit (PMU), to build the facility.

He further challenged the island's educators to continue to improve their own education by acquiring certifications and by "keeping up with advances in their fields," in order to better teach the island's youth.

Gov. Anefal reiterated the Ambassador's challenges to the construction crew and the educators. He further acknowledged the "long road" it has been to begin construction of the project, citing the seven years it has taken from the original concept, to his administration's efforts over the past four years to bring this first cooperative infrastructure building to life. This project is the first Compact infrastructure project, among many which had been submitted for the state.

The ceremony was closed today by the Director of Education, Sister Margou, who spoke on the theme of "Yapese Pride," saying that the children of Yap are the "pride and future" of the island and this ECE Center would become the backbone of improving education in the State of Yap.

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