Government of the Federated States of Micronesia

SNLC Adopts 12 Resolutions

PALIKIR, Pohnpei (FSM Information Service): May 20, 1997 - The State and National Leadership Conference (SNLC), including the FSM President, the four state governors, FSM Congress leaders and members of the Speakers of the State Legislatures, met on May 13, 15 and 16, 1997 at the request of the FSM President to resolve important issues.

During the three-day conference 12 resolutions were adopted. SNLC Resolution No. 1997-I-1, relative to the Asian Development Bank (ADB) loan for Water Supply and Sanitation Project in the four FSM States.

SNLC Resolution No. 1997-I-2, resolving that the State Governments accord high priority to completion on their requirements in order to execute the financing arrangements for Early Retirement Program loan with the FSM National Government who is the borrower of record from the ADB.

SNLC Resolution No. 1997-I-3, resolving that Congress pass a bill which would re-establish Federated Development Authority (FSA) for the purpose of Investment Development Fund (IDF) oversight.

SNLC Resolution 1997-I-4, commending the Office of Planning and Statistics for completing the annual reports for submission to the United States Government as required by the Compact of Free Association and urged that reports are submitted in a timely manner.

SNLC Resolution No. 1997-I-4(a), requesting the FSM Congress to appropriate 50 percent of the total amount owed to Trippler Hospital.

SNLC Resolution No. 1997-I-4(b), requesting Congress to enact legislation establishing a six-member Joint Committee to coordinate preparations for Compact re-negotiations to commence in November 1999.

SNLC Resolution No. 1997-I-5, requests Congress to enact legislation allowing the State of Pohnpei to utilize its 1997 block grant's inflation adjustments to help in its needs and stating clearly that this is a one-time adjustment.

SNLC Resolution No. 1997-I-6, requesting the National and State Judiciaries to work with their respective Executive Branches and to submit appropriate statutory amendments to their respective Legislative bodies for enactment.

SNLC Resolution No. 1997-I-7, urging the National and State Governments to study the reform recommended by the Guam Conference of Bankers who called attention to among other things the need for: (1) loan security and collection environment; (2) usury laws; (3) small claims court to simplify collections; (4) borrows allotment not be changed or canceled until their loans are paid; (5) money laundering reporting requirement law; and (6) foreign investment regime conducive to investors.

SNLC Resolution No. 1997-I-8, requesting the National Government to make best efforts to relieve the States of financial burden of supporting functions of the National Government.

SNLC Resolution No. 1997-I-9, requesting the Department of Transportation and Communications to spearhead an effort of restructuring the field trip operations and the possibility of replacing Micro-class vessels.

SNLC Resolution No. 1997-I-10, requesting FSM Congress to amend FSM law governing the use of Investment Development Fund (IDF) which currently show these balances: $3.7 million in the Pohnpei sub-account; $3.1 million in the Kosrae sub-account; $337,000 in the Chuuk sub-account; and $669,000 in the Yap sub-account.

SNLC Resolution No. 1997-I-11, requesting Continental Micronesia, Inc., to reduce airfare throughout the Micronesia region, and that the National Government continue to investigate cheaper air service for the region.

SNLC Resolution No. 1997-I-12, resolving that appropriate assistance is extended by the FSM Government to the State of Chuuk in ascertaining the financial viability and status of Westpac, Inc. Chuuk is losing money it invested in the company which it borrowed under the Medium Term Note but not generating revenue in return.

Signing for their delegations were President Jacob Nena, FSM National Government; Governor Vincent Figir, Yap State; Governor Moses Mackwelung for Kosrae State; Governor Del Pangelinan for Pohnpei State; and Governor Ansito Walter for Chuuk State.

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