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COM graduates challenged to be visionaries

Palikir, POHNPEI (FSM Information Services): May 21, 2004 - On May 20 2004, the College of Micronesia, held its 39th Commencement Ceremony to proudly showcase its 2004 Graduates.

President Joseph J. Urusemal, who was the keynote speaker for the commencement, challenged the graduates to become "visionaries" for the nation. He referred to the graduates as treasures of the nation and encouraged their involvement in the national development process.

The President said "today marks your reaffirmation to be committed to the future, to become productive citizens in any way possible, to your families, your communities, and to the nation.

"Our nation is young, but our challenges are real," the President advised. He called upon each of the graduates to "make a difference, to contribute to the nation, but above all, be genuine in your efforts.

"Whether as a farmer, a fisherman, a teacher, an accountant or a nurse [...] do it with pride [...] you make a difference to the economic and social development of our nation," said the President.

The commencement ceremony was held at the COM Gymnasium in front of a packed audience of families and friends. The graduating class included these specially recognized graduates:

  • Ms. Gina Marie Tobin as the Valedictorian.

  • Marybeth Celestine, Katherine Gisog, Yamado Melander, Resel Elias, Jessialynn Reyes, Charita Rilometo, Jacqueline Thinom and Gina Tobin members of the President's List.

  • Elsah George, Serlian Sigrah, Adohr Oliver, Davidson Syne, Augustus Elias, Kathy Malakai, Joyfill Nowell, John Tinglen, Belsipa Mikel, Rosa Nakasone and Shannon Victor for the Dean's List:

The 39th Commencement Ceremony for the College of Micronesia proudly presents the Class of 2004:


3rd yr - Certificate of Achievement in Teacher Preparation

PNI: John Ringlen;
KOS: Kilfrank Sigrah.

3rd yr - Certificate of Achievement in Teacher Education-Elementary

PNI:, Anderson Bonapart, Marybeth Celestine, Davidson Syne and Ioana Valasko;
KOS: Serlian Sigrah.

3rd yr - Certificate of Achieve in Accounting

PNI: Maylani Albert, Norma Dannis, and Briona Halverson;
RMI: Charita Rilometo;
KOS: Jody Benjamin.

A.S. - Accounting

PNI: Liolani Chisato, Cathleen George and Karen Iohp;
Yap: Chrisline Kognang, Jeannie Maffel and Casper Retogmal

A.S. - Business Administration

PNI: Jeffrey Actouka, Berysin Jr. Salomon and Hidenori Tanimoto;
KOS: Kiaru Esahu, Elsah George, Bethyline Josey and Paul Tosie;
Yap: Mellisa Laiwegiyango.

A.S. - Computer Information Systems

CHK: Danny Angesou;
KOS: Steve Asher, Adriane Esau, Kun Floyd and Kenye Tulensru;
PNI: Mikeson Helgenburger, Ronnie Joab, Kathy Malakai, Omar Nubuo, Mairolynn Rofis and Adleen Shed;
Yap: Mathew Rrig and Felix Tamam.

A.A. - Liberal Arts

PNI: Reagan Aron, Burton Charley, Augustus Elias, Marleen Inoke, Redson Julios, Liza Marquez, Karmerihna Santiago and Jesse Welsin;
Yap: Katherine Gisog;
KOS: Aliksa Johnnyboy, Yamado Melander and Paul Talley;
CHK: Felicitas Muritok.

A.A. - Liberal Arts/Health Career Opportunity Program

PNI: Jeilee Actouka, Resel Elias, Persteve Esau, Daisy Fredrick, Rosa Nakasone, Adohr Oliver, Kim Marie Peter, Jessicalynn Reyes, Jennifer Saimon, Francisca Sohl, Serlinda Soukon, Gina Tobin and Shannon Victor;
Chuuk: Joyfill Nowell;
Yap: Robert Jr. Raifelig;

A.A. - Liberal Arts/Education

Chk: Joshua Aier, Richway Heldart, Eripson Martin
PNI: Leo Cornelius, Nelson Damarlane, Belsipa Mikel
KOS: Mergylinta Lick

A.A. - Micronesian Studies

Yap: Doreen Falurag and Mary Jane Yatchidar;
Chk: Shinobu Ilai and K.S. Sonis;
PNI: Mihter Ioanis.

A.S. - Marine Science

PNI: Namath Joe;
Yap: Jacqueline Thinom.

And from the College of Micronesia - Pohnpei Campus:

A.S. - Hotel and Restaurant Management

Jesse Hairens, Tricia Halverson, Rayleen Hellan and Ryner Louis.

A.S. - Early Childhood Education

Emerihda Shed

The President urged the 80 plus graduates to "render the nation your service."

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