Government of the Federated States of Micronesia

CFSM May 20 Release

PALIKIR, Pohnpei (FSM Information Service): May 23, 1997 - A resolution to express the gratitude of the Tenth Congress of the FSM to the Honorable Bailey Olter, former President of the FSM, for his distinguished service to his country and to the people of the FSM was deferred during the 9th Day, May 19, of the 1st Regular Session of the 10th Congress awaiting action on a companion bill that "will mean more to the former President than the resolution alone" according to a May 20, 1997 release from the Congress.

Six Presidential Communications to Congress for its considerations included the proposal of relocation of the Division of Labor from the FSM Department of Resources and Development to the Office of the Attorney General; a nomination of Mr. Fred Sigrah to the Social Security Board; a proposed legislation pertaining to the Immigration Act, and a proposed legislation for the establishment of a Joint Committee on Compact Economic Negotiation (JCN).

The President informed the Congress that he has permitted a Congressional Act that designate additional ports of entries in the FSM to become law without his signature. Nena submitted to Congress the semi-annual fund status report for the FSM National Government.

Congressional Bill No. 10-10 passed on First Reading would reallocate and modify the use of certain funds appropriated for public projects and programs in the State of Chuuk.

In other related activities, the Health Education and Social Affairs (HESA) Committee conducted a public hearing on the Department of Health Services proposed FY'98 budget. testifying for the Department were Secretary Eliuel Pretrick and other key staff. Committee members questioned budgeted positions that have been vacant for over a years and expressed disappointment over inadequate FSM food inspection resulting in the ongoing sale of expired food items by some business establishments.

Floor Leader Urusemal pointed out that since the enactment of the National Food Safety Act (NFSA), in frustration, he introduced a bill to repeal the whole NFSA. However, Floor Leader urged appropriate staff of the Department of Health Services to work with the States to bring about the intent of the NFSA.

Ten members were present during the May 20th, session while Senators Yosiwo P. George, Redley Killion and Senator Roosevelt Kansou were excused.

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