Government of the Federated States of Micronesia

President Urusemal meets with new Congress

PALIKIR, Pohnpei (FSM Information Service): May 23, 2003 - On May 16 2003, President Joseph J. Urusemal and his Cabinet met with members of the Thirteenth Congress for an informal Executive/Congress consultations meeting.

The informal consultation centered on the issues of national concern which included the Amended Compact, as signed earlier that week. The discussions between the two Branches included:

The FY2004 Budget Cycle, specifically issues of:

  1. Congress Review Options,
  2. Submission to US Government [DOI],
  3. Annual Budget Consultation [Government to Government],
  4. Submission to JEMCO for Grant Award,
  5. National and State Appropriation.

Both sides agreed that measures needed to meet the budget timelines as established in the Amended Compact must be adhered to by all five Governments. It was also agreed to hold off discussions of the legislative package for implementing the amended Compact until the relevant Bills are submitted to Congress.

Another item discussed and agreed to, was the need for establishing a Secretariat for FSM's members in the amended Compact's proposed Joint Economic Management Committee or JEMCO.

The JEMCO discussion let to the issue of ratification process needed for the Amended Compact. Both Branches highlighted the need for a public education process in addition to the process needed through the official channels.

The Executive Branch raised the need to secure funds for the upcoming Special Elections, the Inauguration Celebrations and the FSM athletes participation in the South Pacific Games in July.

President Urusemal reiterated the need for the Executive and Legislative branches to work in cooperative partnership to address the numerous challenges facing the Nation.

The President thanked Congress for taking time out of their schedule to meet with the Executive Branch and encouraged similar consultations between the Branches during every Congress sessions.

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