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President Mori Receives Fifth Update from Department of Health and Social Affairs on H1N1 Influenza A Pandemic Threat

Palikir, Pohnpei (FSM Information Services): May 26, 2009 - The FSM Department of Health & Social Affairs has submitted their fifth report to President Mori to update the President on the Influenza pandemic threat. Secretary for the Department, Dr. Vita Skilling, has alerted the President that since the fourth update on May 15th 2009, the following have developed:

  • Again there has not been any H1N1 case anywhere in the FSM.

  • There were rumors that Guam already confirmed cases; however this is only rumor. To date, Guam has not confirmed any cases.

  • Screening of passengers at the airport continues.

  • We have about 3,000 courses of Tamiflu treatment throughout the FSM State hospitals. We believe this amount is enough for now. When requested, we can receive more from the CDC.

  • As of May 22, 2009, USA reported 6,552 confirmed cases and probable cases with 9 deaths. 48 States in the US have reported confirmed and probable cases. Hawaii, the closest US state to us, has reported 33 cases.

  • Based on the WHO report posted today, as of May 22, 2009, 43 countries have officially reported 12,022 cases of influenza A (H1N1) infection. Mexico has reported 3,892 laboratory confirmed human cases of infection, including 75 deaths. Canada has reported 719 laboratory confirmed human cases, including one death. Costa Rica has reported 20 cases, including one death; Chile 24 with no death. Japan has reported 321 cases with no death with Spain and United Kingdom 126 and 117 respectively, both with no deaths.

  • The World Health Organization Pandemic Phase remains at 5.

  • WHO still does not recommend travel restrictions but continues to emphasize travel alerts to passengers traveling to any destinations.

  • As far as public health measures and actions, we still recommend maintaining that same. We don't recommend rescinding any of them.

Secretary Skilling also wants to point out that the H1N1 Taskforce that's been created by President Mori had convened and a separate report will be submitted to the President directly from the Chairperson.

More information on the H1N1 Influenza A can be obtained from the Department of Health & Social Affairs @ 320-2619.

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