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College of Micronesia graduates 133

PALIKIR, Pohnpei (FSM Information Service): May 30, 2003 - On May 22 2003, 133 proud graduates were honored at the 37th Commencement Exercise of the College of Micronesia - Federated States of Micronesia Campus.

Families and friends packed the FSM-China Friendship Sports Center to witness the bestowment of hard-earned Degrees to the COM-FSM 2003 Graduates. The Valedictorian Address was an honor shared by Patricia Rikins of Yap State and Jason Sam of Pohnpei State, both having earned the highest grade point average among members of the graduating class.

Vice-President Redley Killion, the Commencement keynote speaker, welcomed the opportunity to address the graduating class to express the Nation's increasing need for a pool of college-level graduates to address the various challenges facing the future of FSM.

The Vice President told the Graduates they have completed a fundamental step in the College's efforts toward the preparation of wholesome and productive citizens. He encouraged the Graduates' contribution to the nations efforts, "especially our young men and women who are equipped with their newly acquired skills and knowledge in whichever chosen fields of learning or expertise. You should be in the position to contribute positively to the ongoing efforts of improving our communities throughout the nation. For no society can hope to carry out this important task without an adequately educated citizenry."

Vice President Killion went on to encourage the College to also be sensitive to the community needs, "to ensure that the graduates of COM-FSM are appropriately and adequately equipped to go out in the world and do the job well, you must have a curriculum that is relevant to the conditions of our island communities [...] it's mission and programs must reflect the larger objectives and priorities of our young Nation."

The 2003 Graduating Class of COM-FSM is listed as follows:

Associate of Arts in Liberal Arts:
Chuuk: Tanya Mori;
Kosrae: Raleigh Welly, Sepe Seymour, Louise Etse and Yasuo K. Albert;
Pohnpei: Jennifer Amor, Jordan Ardos, Y-mee Charley, Jenzy Elias, , Nancy Gilmete, Tannleen D. Henry, Brandon R. Iriarte, Wilmer D.Kilmete, Merliz Phillip, Susan Robert, Jason Sam Jennifer Santos Rileen Santos, Roger Tipen, Belan Yoma, Doreen D. Abraham and Love-ina Agbo;
Yap: Hector Palemar.

Associate of Arts Degree in Liberal Arts/Education:
Chuuk: Jayvene J. Johnny;
Kosrae: Erwin A. Sigrah, Kilfrank L. Sigrah and Norlinson P. Tilfas;
Pohnpei: Everashia Helter, Ilander Ilai and Beyleen Moses.

Associate of Arts in Micronesian Studies:
Chuuk: Otinia M. Koichy and Madly Bernard;
Kosrae: Yatchuo Sigrah an Gary Dale Benjamin;
Pohnpei:Walfred Alfred, Dosuo Damian, Ippolite Rout, Mary Rout, Yasio Salomon, Dayson T. Tally and Hadley Usiel.

Associate of Arts Degree in Liberal Arts/Media Studies goes to Francky Ilai of Pohnpei.

Associate of Arts Degree in Liberal Arts/Health Career Opportunity Program: Gladys Ng'endo Egger of U.S.A. and Patricia F. Rikin of Yap.

Associate of Science Degrees in Accounting:
Chuuk: Beverlyn Danis;
Kosrae: Mee Young A. Kim and Dayleen Aia;
Pohnpei: Norma J. Dannis, Serleen Hadley and Leneva Ladore.

Associate of Science Degrees in Business Administration: Cinzia Olter of Pohnpei and Horace Salik of Kosrae.

Associate of Science Degree in Computer Information System:
Chuuk: Marky Siver, Glen Danis, John Dungawin, Esteen L. Lokopwe and Dokiko Billy; Kosrae: McNally Daley and Tinson K. Luey;
Pohnpei: Merlinda I. Donre, Emmy-Rose Gilmete, Semrina Mauricio, Mellie Jean and Peter Juleen Sale;
Yap: Wendell Setham.

Associate of Science Degree in Early Childhood Education: Mary H. Rettin and Nihda Johna Victor both of Pohnpei.

Associate of Science Degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management:
Erwin Alex, Andon Andon, Regina Andon, Adaltrick Esiel, Bernaice Liwy, O'Brian Nennis, Harleit Pluhs, Merly Saimon and Skipson Soram - all from Pohnpei.

Associate of Science Degree in in Marine Science:
Kosrae: Joster Nena and Geronimo George;
Pohnpei: Lee Antreas, Joe F. Joe and Rinson Neth.

Bachelors of Arts Degree in Elementary Education:
Chuuk: Kenally Sabas, Linda Phillip and Isipel Rayel;
Pohnpei: Hainrick Aisek, Albert Augustine, Terry I. Elias, Christina Elias, Trinitina T. Elidok, Mayson Fredrick, Barton Henry, Merleen Lipai Henry, Ledihna James, Quincy Lawrence, Sendihna Lekka, Quincy Linus, Ernest Luther, Reiel Retin, Dusty J. Santos, Lewis Santos, Laura Shed and John (Johna) D. Wilber.

Certificates of Achievement in Third Year Accounting:
Chuuk: Rinda Carlos, Takiko Liemen and Steve Mwangin;
Pohnpei: Evelyn E. Neth, Leiolynn K. Peter, Judy Rodriquez and Velida Celestine.

Certificates of Achievement in Third Year Business Administration:
Chuuk: Alma Wichep, Larry L. Joshua and Yancy Reseki;
Kosrae: Mixon Kehpas and Anita M. Salik;
Yap: Joyce Anafel.

Certificate of Achievement in Carpentry: goes to Spester Samuel of Pohnpei.

Certificate of Achievement in Construction electricity: Ceasar Andon, Palikkun Benjamin, Master Camacho, Bradley Edgar, Whynold Inos, Penito Jack, Robby Lemuel, Fraceton Patricio, Eddy Pelep and Dennis Poll all from Pohnpei.

Certificate of Achievement in Trial Counselors: Magdalena Reim, Monaliza Pangelinan and Marlynn Santos all from Pohnpei.

Certificates of Achievement in Third Year Elementary Education: Pelsihner Elias, Dickson Ben, Pressler Martin and Gonally Peter all from Pohnpei.

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