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Detailed information on FSM Census now available

PALIKIR, Pohnpei (FSM Information Service): May 30, 2003 - A statement from the National Statistics Office announces the availability of detailed reports of the 2000 Census of the Federated States of Micronesia:

Detail Census Reports from the 2000 FSM Census is now available at the National Statistics Office in Palikir and also at the Branch Statistics Offices in each of the four states. The 2000 Census Project was conducted in April of 2000 and covered all households and persons residing in the FSM on April 1, 2000.

The 2000 Census information on the population's demographic characteristics are confirmed by the National Statistics Office, which indicate that the total population counts in the FSM during 2000 Census was 107,008. From that total, Chuuk State has the largest population count with 53,595 persons, followed by Pohnpei State with 34,486, Yap State with 11,241 and Kosrae State with 7,686. The population growth rates had slowed from about 2.6 percent per year from 1973 to the mid 80's, to about 1.9 percent per year from the mid 1980's to 1994 and to 0.3 percent per year from 1994 to 2000. The census information further indicates that women in the FSM had an average of 4 children throughout their childbearing years.

As for the economic characteristics, the results of the labor force participation indicated that the unemployment rate in the FSM was 22 percent, up from 16 percent in 1994. The unemployment rate was highest in Chuuk at 34 percent followed by Kosrae with 17 percent, Pohnpei at 12 percent and the lowest unemployment rate was in Yap with 4 percent. The average annual household income was $4,600, decreasing slightly from $4,700 in 1994.

The information on social and other characteristics of the FSM were shown in the 2000 Census, which indicated that the gross enrollment for elementary education was reported at 92 percent while secondary education was at 72 percent. The average household size was 7 persons. The census results also showed that for every square mile of land, there were 395 persons. Chuuk had the largest population density of 1,094; followed by Pohnpei with 261 persons, Yap with 244 persons then the lowest population density was reported in Kosrae with 179 persons.

Detail information on the population's demographic, social, economic and housing conditions are summarized in the FSM 2000 Census report. The copy of the census report can be obtained at the National Statistics Office or Branch Statistics Offices in each state at no cost.

Future Releases from the FSM 2000 Census will include:

  • Detailed report containing special tabulation of data from the population demographics, social and economic characteristics.

  • A series of census snapshots, which illustrates some of the highlights from the census results.

  • A collection of major reports containing information on topics related to migration, ethnic group and other vital statistics information.

National Statistics Office acknowledges the valuable contribution of the large number of people involved in the 2000 Census. This includes the people who completed their questionnaire forms on census night and those involved in planning, collecting, processing and using the information.

Therefore, constructive recommendations and comments regarding this release are welcome or should be directed to the FSM Statistics Office in Palikir at telephone number 320-2820 or email address

Eneriko Suldan
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FSM Department of Economic Affairs

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