Government of the Federated States of Micronesia

Committee establishes ConCon basics

PALIKIR, Pohnpei (FSM Information Service): June 4, 2001 - On May 28, the Pre-Convention Committee met in Palikir to initiate the organizational process for the Third Constitutional Convention (ConCon) of the Federated States of Micronesia.

In according with FSM laws, Speaker of the 12th Congress of the FSM, Jack Fritz, called for the convening of the Pre-Convention Committee to "choose its own officers and organize according to its own rules and procedures."

Speaker Fritz reminded the Committee of the great challenge and immense responsibility placed upon each of them as they "look into what specific changes should be made in the most basic document of our government...and carefully examine the Constitution as it has been applied by our government and interpreted by our courts, to determine what changes should be proposed to our voters."

The members of the Pre-Convention Committee is made up of two members from each state's convention delegation:

Kosrae - Aren Palik and Harry Seymour;

Chuuk - James Naich and Wesley Simina;

Pohnpei - Naiten O. Philip and Beauleen C. Worswick;

Yap - John Haglelgam and James Lukan.

The Committee elected Harry Seymour of Kosrae as Chairman and Beauleen Carl Worswick as the Vice-chair to lead the organizational process. The committee will identify and detail the rudimentary needs of the Third Constitutional Convention of the FSM in accordance to the following:

  • arrangements for logistics: accommodations, equipment and facilities;

  • arrangements for staffing;

  • preparation of a budget for the ConCon;

  • discussion and identification of issues which States may wish to raise;

  • commission any research that should be performed on issues identified by the state delegations prior to the convening of the Convention;

  • decision on a date for convening the Convention;

  • preparation of proposed rules and procedures;

  • other functions not otherwise reserved to the Convention which will assure a successful and orderly Convention.

The Committee has divided itself into two sub-committees:

  1. Budget/Administration: Chaired by Aren Palik with members Lukan, Naich and Worswick

  2. Rules and Procedures: Chair Naiten O. Phillip with members: Haglelgam, Seymour and Simina.

Temporary administrative staff assistance for the Pre-Convention Committee has been provided through the National Government. Samuel Nathan, Special Assistant to the President on State and Municipal Matters provides the Administrative support for the Committee, while Oleen Poll, Assistant Disaster Planner for the National Disaster Office, provides Secretarial support for the Committee.

The committee is allowed 15 days under the law to organize and prepare itself for the Third Constitutional Convention of the FSM.

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