Government of the Federated States of Micronesia

Visit Declares Madolenihmw High School a Pilot School

Palikir, POHNPEI (FSM Information Services): June 4, 2008 - President Manny Mori added another page to the history of Madolenihmw when he visited on May 29, 2008 to declare Madolenihmw High School (MHS) one of the Pilot schools for the new FSM "Bridging the Gaps" project.

Upon his arrival President Mori and his delegation received a warm welcome from the municipal government and the students and staff of MHS in the MHS cafeteria. Honor guards presented and raised the FSM, Pohnpei State and Madolenihmw flags while the students sang the Pohnpei State anthem.

"Your visit today Mr. President, has marked another chapter in the history of this nation and our local government, for you are the first President of the nation that has ever visited this municipality. Therefore, I am very proud and honored to be the first Meninkeder Lapalap to have ever received the President of our nation to our local government."

Meninkeder Lapalap Ringlen, on behalf of the people of Madolenihmw, the traditional leaders and government leaders, extended sincere appreciation and heart-felt thanks to President Mori for selecting MHS to participate in the FSM Bridging the Gap Pilot program.

In his brief remark, President Mori indicated his wish to improve the education system by initiating preliminary talks with school and municipal officials in the effort to bridge the gap between elementary, secondary and post-secondary schools.

Therefore he has tasked the National Department of Education to work in partnership with the State Department of Education toward systemic change with the underlying focus of improving students learning and achievements.

The first step to commence launching of this project is to identify at least one high school and one elementary school to start working within each of the states. Madolenihmw High School and Sekere Elementary School has been identified by Pohnpei State to be the project schools.

Some agreed upon criteria for the selection of projects include, for elementary: Easily accessible, must be a large or medium size school, low or average student performance on the NST, teachers' need for quality improvement, must have some improvement plan and good governance for management and public relations.

Some preliminary preconditions are set to provide the schools an organization that would move these schools toward achieving standard-based and school excellence. These include: 1. School Operation (Governance), 2. Standard of purpose and plans for carrying out curriculum, 3. Management system for direction and oversight, 4. School principal, 5. School organization (charts, facilities, course offering and staffing), 6. Overall plan, 7. Curriculum instruction and assessment, 8. Quality instructional staff, and 9. Financial Resources.

The visit ended with a semi-traditional sakau ceremony at noon. Madolenihmw High School of now a pilot school for the FSM Bridging the Gaps project.

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