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President Mori Addresses Woleai High School Graduating Class of 2010

Palikir, Pohnpei (FSM Information Services): June 4, 2010 - President Mori outlined some national priorities in his commencement address to the graduating class of Yap Woleai High School at their 2010 Graduating Ceremony, on May 21, in the hope of assisting the graduates in their decision-making process for future careers.

"Our Nation still needs more young vibrant lawyers, doctors, educators and certified public accountants," he said, and experts "in the areas of tourism, agriculture, fishery and human resource development are needed." He reminded the graduates to use their "God-given potentials to inspire their decision making." President Mori highlighted that for the next fiscal year, the National Scholarship program is expected to reach one million dollars ($1,000,000). He urged the graduates to seek scholarships and financial assistance "to complete their education and come back to help our nation."

The President attended the ceremony following an invitation by the school principal and faculty. In spite of a very busy schedule and the fact that the PMA commuter plane cannot currently land on Woleai due to the closure of the airstrip for repairs, the President decided to accept this invitation to show his enthusiasm and support to the graduating class. He arrived in Woleai on FSS Palikir, with Francis Itimai, Secretary of the Department of TC&I and Jesse Selalu, representing the National Secretary of the Department of Education, and accompanied by the following Yap state officials: Lt. Governor Tony Terag, Senator John Masiwemai, Stan Retogral from the Department of Education and Lorenzo Sartilaug, representing the Yap Education Department Director.

Upon reaching Woleai, President Mori was warmly welcomed by the Chiefs of all the islands of Woleai Lagoon; he was presented gifts of locally woven lava-lava, which was wrapped around his waist, canoe paddles and a statue of a navigation spirit symbolizing great welcome and appreciation for the President's navigational skills to lead the National Government even during rough weather. All graduates were also presented gifts from the President, awarded by Secretary Itimai.

Following the Graduation Ceremony, traditional dances were performed by the Woleai people to show the President their appreciation of all the efforts made to attend this special occasion.

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