Government of the Federated States of Micronesia

Chuuk Governor Submits His Nominations to Legislature

PALIKIR, Pohnpei (FSM Information Service): June 5, 1997 - The Governor of the State of Chuuk, Ansito Walter, informed President Jacob Nena of the names of the newly appointed cabinet members of his administration he submitted to Chuuk State Legislature Senate for its confirmation.

Nominees are as follows: Director, Department of Commerce & Industries is Nakama Sana; Director, Public Affairs, Ira E. Akapito; Director of health Services is Herlip Nowell; Director of Treasury is Presenta Sablan-Shirai; Director of Marine resources is Manekis Sonis; Director of Transportation is Kisande K. Sos; Attorney General, Maketo Robert; Agriculture, Hans Wiliander; Public Safety, Eradio William; Director of Budget Office is Nick Andon; Director of Education, Dr. Sweeter Sacho; and Director of Planning and Statistics is Rokucho Billy.

Other appointed officials are as follows: Special Assistant/Legislative Affairs, Karsom Enlet, Special Assistant/Local Revenues, Tom Walter; Special Assistant/Womens Affairs, Tanseny Reynold and Chief of Staff, Gideon Doone.

Appointed Deputy Director are as follows: Commerce and Industries, Diriten Rain; Treasury, Pecky Robert; Public Affairs, Gideon Kikku; Health Services, Romino Saimon; Marine resources, Romio Osiena; Transportation, Benito Petrus; Public Safety, Kent Cheipot; Budget Office, Frank Fritz; Personnel, Akiosy Aniol; Education, Margarita Dholymay, and Planning & Statistics, Larry Seady.

Deputy Attorney General and Deputy Director for Agriculture have not yet been appointed, the Governor stated.

Governor Ansito expressed his profound heartfelt appreciation for the assistance he received from the National Government "especially at this time of great need." "Thank indeed, and I hope we can work together as a team for the future of our beloved people," he concluded.

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