Government of the Federated States of Micronesia

Emergency Repairs for FSS Independence Approved and Supplemental Funding for FY2010 Budget Passes

Palikir, Pohnpei (FSM Information Services): June 11, 2010 - On June 4, 2010, President Mori signed into law Congressional Act No. 16-37 authorizing the appropriation of $78,000 from the FSM General Fund for FY2010, for payment of the urgently needed repair work of FSS Independence. A recent survey made by maritime surveyor BAE Systems Australia Defense Pty Ltd., revealed that almost all compartments of the boat are affected by extensive corrosion.

The un-seaworthiness of any national patrol boats cripples the Nation's law enforcement capabilities and at sea emergency response operations; hence, President Mori thanked Congress for promptly addressing the needs of FSS Independence.

On that same date, President Mori also signed into law Congressional Act No. 16-39. This Public Law provides for the appropriation of $764,615 from the General Fund, for supplemental funding of the FY2010 Budget covering the operations of all branches of the National Government of the FSM. These additional funds will finance amongst other things: FSM's participation in this summer's Micronesian Games in Palau, certain legislative branch salaries and travel expenses, and needed recruitment and repatriation costs for the Department of Finance and Administration.

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