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FSM National Men's Health Week

Palikir, Pohnpei (FSM Information Services): June 12, 2009 - On June 1, 2009 President Mori signed a proclamation proclaiming June 15th-20th as FSM National Men's Health Week.

In the proclamation, President Mori stated that National Men's Week in FSM is going to be celebrated this year with the theme of "Men's Health Awareness", with a focus on "Men's Roles in Family Health." The proclamation also noted that men in the Federated States of Micronesia have a shorter life expectancy than women (64 years vs.67 years) according to the FSM 2000 census. The proclamation further states that men in the FSM are encouraged to take an active role and "scale up in their responsibility to make a difference for a change in the lives of their families and in the community by promoting good citizenship and a good role model for good health practices."

In the proclamation President Mori encouraged all men in the FSM to take responsibility for their health by incorporating physical activity, healthy eating and an annual health check-up in their schedules.

FSM first started celebrating Men's Health Week in June of 2008. Last year's theme was "Cancer Awareness and its Burden" with a major focus on the leading causes of death in the FSM and on cancers in specific.

The FSM National Government will celebrate FSM National Men's Health Week on Wednesday, June 17, 2009 with Health Conference and a full day of activities. The event will be held in the Central Facility Building in Palikir and begins at 8:30am. The purpose and objectives of the Conference are:

  1. Participants will recognize that preventing men's health problems is NOT just a man's issue but also one for wives, mothers, daughters, sisters and sons, therefore it is truly a family issue.

  2. Participants will recognize the diseases burden on family (especially on children and mothers who have more specific problems that men need to understand as leaders, and lead families to good health.

  3. Participants will recognize and understand the utilization of health facilities and clinics and be able to make appropriate decision making to cut cost and improve quality of life for the family and for the FSM.

  4. Participants will be able to understand gender roles and practice them as a key for better relationships and family health.

  5. Participants will be able to understand the continuum of care for cancers from prevention to palliative care.

  6. Participants will be able to understand the health status update for FSM and, in particular, for men.

The topics to be discussed are:

  • Health status updates on FSM
  • Gender sensitivity
  • Men's roles in family health
  • Stress and pain kill man
  • Men's roles in cancers continuum

The 2009 Conference will be dedicated to the profound male leaders who have died or have become disabled due to an illness. In this way, the conference organizers hope that the messages from the conference will provide profound impact and help change the lives of the participants.

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