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Chuuk's Kono wins 2006 national environment speech contest

Kolonia, POHNPEI (FSM Information Services): June 13, 2006 - The State of Chuuk representative, Roxanne Kono, has won the National Environment Day Speech Contest sponsored by the Department of Economic Affairs.

Since 2001, the Government of the Federated States of Micronesia has celebrated World Environment Day on June 5th, with a nation-wide speech competition among the high schools to promote environmental awareness and enhance political attention and action.

The FSM's environment theme for 2006 is the "Year of the Sea Turtle - Protect Them, Protect Our Heritage." The theme is expected to promote community conservation of turtle nesting sites, strengthen national legislation and policies to encourage sustainable management. It is also anticipated to facilitate long-term partnership for turtle conservation.

Vice President Redley Killion who is also the Chairman of FSM Government's lead council on environment or the Environmental Management and Sustainable Development (SD) Council, welcomed the contestants to Pohnpei. He challenged the contestants to ensure that their generation sustains the pristine environment of FSM today, for tomorrow's generation.

The Vice President reminded the contestants and the packed auditorium of the Pacific Missionary Aviation to need to maintain the ecological connectivity among all living things and follow for an approach to conservation that is more proactive than reactive.

A sentiment that was heavily echoed by all four contestants that called on a more proactive approach to the protection of turtles in the FSM. The winning speech by Kono had called on a collective proactive approach from all sectors of the community and underscored the need for local solutions for problems local.

Along with Roxanee Kono from Chuuk State, the other state contestants were:

Jerry A. Tulensru - Kosrae,
Missy Ann Camacho - Pohnpei, and
Cari Bouy Gajdusek - Yap

Tulensru of Kosrae came in second followed by a third place tie between Pohnpei's Camacho and Yap's Gajdusek.

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