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FSM-Japan Friendship Society's donation for victims of disasters in Japan

Palikir, Pohnpei (FSM Information Services): June 16, 2011 - The FSM-Japan Friendship Society hosted a dinner last month at PCR for the purpose of handing over a check of $3,000.00 to His Excellency Ambassador Suzuki of Japan, to assist the victims of the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear power plant accident in Japan.

During the event, Senator Roger S. Mori, President of the Society, presented the check to Ambassador Suzuki, after conveying the Society's sympathy and condolences for the victims and devastation caused by the triple disasters, and after briefly touching on the purpose and mission of the Society. With the check, a letter from President Roger Mori was enclosed, transmitting the check, conveying the Society's sympathy and condolences and urging enhanced collaboration between the Japan's Embassy and society in the promotion of friendly relations between the Japanese and FSM peoples.

In responding, Ambassador Suzuki expressed profound appreciation for the solidarity, goodwill and support shown the Japanese people by the FSM Government and people during the most challenging times for his people and country. He assured the Japan Embassy will work closely with the Society to promote further the enhancement and strengthening of our bilateral relations and people to people exchanges.

Former Secretary of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Asterio Takesy was given the honor of making the toast that evening after Vice President Takuro Akinaga of the Society had presented a gift of Sennit (Kizuna) to Ambassador Suzuki, symbolizing the historical and special bonds of friendship between our two peoples.

We want to take this opportunity to thank the individuals and local businesses who helped us raise the funds for our donation. Without their cooperation and support, the Society would not have been able to make the donation. Thank you very much indeed.

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