Government of the Federated States of Micronesia

Akapito's message wins environment speech contest

KOLONIA, Pohnpei (FSM Information Service): July 17, 2003 - Chuuk State contestant Jonathan Akapito, wins the Third National Environmental Day Speech Contest with his pleas that water be a priority of the nations policy makers.

On June 5 2003, high school contestants representing the four States in the Federation gathered at the Pacific Missionary Aviation studios in Pohnpei to present their position on this year's theme "What Is Our Role In Ensuring Water Accessibility And Quality For All."

Representing the four states are:
Chuuk - Jonathan Akapito;
Kosrae - Mark John Tolenoa;
Pohnpei - Carleila Carl;
Yap - Yoko Azuman.

Each contestant qualified for the national contest after winning the environmental speech at the state level, which had involved the participating high schools in each state. The contestants were awarded the following prizes:

- 1st (Chuuk) - $500;
- 2nd (Yap) - $400;
- 3rd (Pohnpei) - $300; and
- 4th (Kosrae) - $200.

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