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Vice President Killion attends Woleai graduation

Woleai, YAP (FSM Information Services): June 18, 2004 - Vice President Redley Killion attended the Class of 2004 Commencement Exercises for the Neighboring Islands Central High School on Woleai, Yap on June 5 2004.

As the Keynote Speaker, the Vice President challenged the 42 graduates to dream big, "[...] dream a big dream and constructively work toward achieving those dreams of the professions you wish to pursue and your future role in the ongoing nation-building of our country.

"As young men and women of teenage years, you are at the best part of your life and there is so much that you can achieve in life. You have unlimited energy and desire to excel in life and life has so much to offer if you strife for it. And the best way to strife for a decent and meaningful life for yourselves, or for your families for that matter, is to stay in school and be good at it," added the Vice President.

He continued that, "your National Government stands ready to assist you to fulfill your dreams. As both a leader and a parent, I urge you and the youth across this Nation to set high standards for yourselves, to do well in whatever pursuit you with to follow, and to contribute to the development and harmony of our communities and our Nation as a whole."

Vice President Killion reiterated to the graduates that they are the nations hopes for the future, "you are our source of hopes in the years to come, you are the future pillars of our Nation upon whose shoulders will rest the fate of our young country."

In agreement with the Vice President's statement, Valedictorian Babyano Retuleilug said the Class of 2004 is very conscious of its role in the future, "we are preparing our lives to take our own place in the responsibilities of the future [...] and to help guide the new generations."

Retuleilug thanked Vice President Killion for his participation at their graduation, "your presence today with us as we celebrate this special moment of our lives is an inspiration for each."

The Neighboring Islands Central High School - Class of 2004 is as follows:

April LegaleyegiyeFrancis Ritinpiy
Babyano RetuleilugIrene Leyangiremago
Calvin MangiyelagaoIvan Yangirelmal
Candace LewolbeJackson Piyesugmal
Chellarose IlemangsouJoelyne Ilemangig
Christopher HasugulbushJoney Laiurlam
Dannis HaleyemaiLillian Laigetewas
Edward TigweyangoMarvin Yarofaisug
Elijah TairiuwetilMhalon Malishmwai
Elisha SiromaaliuMicheal Taiwermal
Emilio GelaurlugNoah Yarofaitip
Erwin Q. LaguorNolasco Tairiuwemale
Escolastica IfelbushQuinthino Ityelo
Esty TawerilmegRebecca Ilemanglir
Evangeline IlawegiyangoRowina Laigemwai
Evelyne TachibelmelSonja Lesaiugfil
Evrin YarofairigSylvia Latewasilam
Fabian YarofaitiweTimothy Urewebul
Feffery MaltogWansesty Yalismwar
Ficky YangitetilXavierita Ilebungtil
Francis Mary LetalugtilZackery Taweryan

Witnesses to the Commencement Exercises included: Mrs. Jacinta Killion, Lt. Governor Joe Habuchmai, Senator John Masuiwemai, Traditional Chief Fred Harumwai, Director of the Office of Planning and Budget - Francis I. Itimai, Chairman of the School Board - Mike Ifelbuch, Special Assistant to President for State Matters - Sam Nathan, Father John Hagilleiram S.J., friends and the proud parents of the graduates.

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