Government of the Federated States of Micronesia

Meeting of the FSM Medical Licensing Board

Palikir, POHNPEI (Dept. of Health, Education and Social Affairs): June 20, 2006 - The FSM Medical Licensing Board met on May 12, 2006 in office of the Secretary of the FSM Department of Health, Education and Social Affairs (HESA) at Palikir, Pohnpei. The members were Dr. Johnny Hedson from Pohnpei, Dr. Kennedy Remit from Chuuk, and Dr. Bryan Isaac, a private physician in Pohnpei State, whom the Secretary of the Department of HESA designated to represent him in order to have representation of the private health sector on the Board. Dr. Hedson was selected the chairman and Dr. Bryan Isaac was selected vice chairman.

At their first meeting, the Board requested that the office of the Department of HESA provide the secretariat support until they deem no longer necessary. The Board collected relevant documents, laws and regulations to review as their first order of business. Before the Board adjourned, they also reviewed two medical license applications and decided that more information is needed before they can make any decision on those applications.

The Board hopes to meet again soon when they will take up more substantive issues pertaining to regulation of medical practice in the FSM.

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