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Third ConCon set for November

PALIKIR, Pohnpei (FSM Information Service): June 21, 2001 - The Pre-Convention Committee has finalized November 12 as the date for the Third Constitutional Convention (ConCon) of the Federated States of Micronesia.

The Pre-Convention committee has also set September 21 as the deadline for the delegations to submit issue proposals.

These announcements were made on June 12, when the committee wrapped up its two-week meeting to establish guidelines and procedures for the Convention.

The Pre-convention committee, comprised of 2 delegates from each state, had convened on May 28 to initiate the 15-day organizational process for the Third FSM ConCon. Chairman Harry Seymore of Kosrae and Vice-Chairman Beauleen C. Worswick of Pohnpei were elected to lead the organizational process.

A committee on Budget & Administration was created to set-up a comprehensive budget for the Third Conventional Convention and resolve any financial obligations incurred during the Pre-Convention.

The B/A Committee, chaired by Aren Palik of Kosrae, after "extensive review, consultations, and revisions" recommended changes to both the Pre-Convention and ConCon budgets. Public Law 11-54 had appropriated $30,000 for the Pre-Constitutional Convention and $100,000 to fund the Third Constitutional Convention.

After extensive review, the B/A Committee recommended that a total of $ 23,997.36 is needed to supplement the appropriated $30,000 in order for the Pre-Convention committee to successfully carry out its assigned tasks.

For the Third Constitutional Convention, the B/A Committee also reviewed the needs of all the four delegations, the Convention administration along with the logistic support needs and concluded that $161,887 is needed to supplement the existing ConCon appropriation.

The recommendations will be submitted to Congress during its upcoming session in July.

The Rule and Procedures Committee, chaired by Naiten O. Phillip, identified and established the rules and procedures for the ConCon and also identified five standing committees to oversee the reports and proposals submitted by each state delegation.

The standing committees as identified by the R/P committee include:

  1. Committee on Civil Liberties and Traditions, to consider all proposals and other matters relating to: traditional and customary rights; citizenship and naturalization; civil and criminal law protections; civil rights and duties, due process of law, equal protection of the law, privileges and immunities; suffrage and elections; and related others.

  2. Committee on Public Finance and Revenue, to consider all proposals and other matters relating to: taxations and finance, indebtedness, levy of duties or tariffs on imports and exports, control of interstate commerce, control of banks, national treasury, budget, audits, fiscal control, revenue laws and other related matters."

  3. Committee on Government Structure and Functions, to consider all proposals and other matters relating to: structure, functions and powers of the national government, including the size, nature and composition of the executive, legislative, and judicial branches; separation of powers; the division and sharing of powers between national, state and local governments; relations of the FSM with other nations and international bodies; relations between the national and state governments; and related matters.

  4. Committee on General Provisions, to consider all proposals and other matters relating to: social and economic development; natural resources, including land; procedures for revision and amendment of the Constitution; matters not within the jurisdiction of other committees; and other related matters.

  5. Committee on Style and Arrangement, this committee will be tasked to examine, consider and edit all proposals referred for inclusion in the Constitution.

The Rules and Procedures Committee established its organization in accordance to the preceding Conventions of 1975 and 1990, but have structured the rules and procedures according to the needs of FSM in this era of global technology.

The R/P Committee has established a leadership for the ConCon to comprise of a President, Vice-President, Floor Leader and Chairman of the Committee of the Whole. Each of which would be from the four states.

In addition, the committee has identified positions for primary Convention employees to provide the administrative support, and they include: a Convention Secretary, an Assistant Convention Secretary, a Chief Legal Counsel, a Sergeant-at-Arms and other positions that will provide administrative and clerical support as necessary.

The committee wrapped up its session and returned to their respective states to brief the rest of the state delegations and establish their consultation schedules.

Members of the Third Constitutional Convention of the Federated States of Micronesia are:

  • Chuuk: Wesley Simina, At-large, 1- Lorin Robert, 2-Camilo Noket, 3-Sanphy William, 4-Kasio Mida, and 5-James Naich;

  • Kosrae - Harry Seymore, At-large, Aren Palik;

  • Pohnpei - Beauleen C. Worswick, At-large, 1-Casiano Shoniber, 2-Naiten O. Philip and 3-Esmond Moses;

  • Yap - James Lukan, At-large and John Haglelgam

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