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College Puts on "Agriculture is More than Farming" 2010

Kolonia, Pohnpei (College of Micronesia/FSMIS): June 22, 2010 - The College's Instructional Affairs department in collaboration with the Cooperative Research and Extension department, just completed a 5-day Agriculture summer program with the theme "Agriculture is More Than Farming."

The program, organized by CariPac Coordinator Totoa Currie of Pohnpei Campus, attracted a total headcount of 116 student participants. High school students from Calvary Christian Academy, Nanpei Memorial High School, Madewlenhmw High School, Pohnpei agriculture students and some students from COM-FSM, participated in the June 14 - 18 summer program funded by USDA CariPac.

The first three days of workshops were held at Pohnpei Campus and the remaining two days at the FSM-China Friendship Sports Center. For five days, the students were engaged in activities introducing natural science as fun. They learned about career opportunities, new agriculture practices, nutritional value of local food and ways to market it. Students were also introduced to safe water catchment, aquaculture farming such as pearl farming, and government services such as the quarantine office that controls and protects the islands' natural resources. The program included field trips for the students to Nett Point Pearl farm and the Pilot farm in Madewlenihmw.

Students had fun with lots of food and outdoor games associated with agriculture. One of the student participants claimed that this was the first time they had been introduced to agriculture in this type of format, and looked forward to next summer, with the hope that there will be more demonstrations on how to cook local food in a more traditional way.

Professors from COM-FSM and representatives from FSM government agencies, as well as regional and local NGO's, served as speakers and facilitators for the summer program.

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