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Disability legislation among first signed laws of 14th Congress

Palikir, POHNPEI (FSM Information Services): June 24, 2005 - A legislation re-defining education for disabled children is among the first ten Public Laws signed from the new 14th Congress of the Federated States of Micronesia.

Public Law 14-8, signed on June 23, states that "Free Appropriate Public Education (FAPE) and related services" be provided for eligible children with disabilities.

Detailing the eligibility criteria, the law noted that the eligible children will primarily receive special education and related services "insofar as appropriate" in natural educational environments as offered by the State Departments of Education.

The other Public Laws include:

Public Law No. 14-1., appropriates $222,000 from the general fund to renovate the FSM Embassies in Washington and Suva Embassy.

PL No. 14-2., Amendment to designate balance of copra warehouse project funds to be used for FEMA mitigation project matching fund and Fadari concrete taro patches.

PL No. 14-3., is an amendment to reduce the $10,000 previously appropriated for "Hot Lunch" program in Pattiw Junior High School by $5,000. The remaining amount will be re-directed to cover the costs associated with the assembly of a desalination facility.

PL No. 14-4., is an amendment to change the amounts appropriated for the public projects for Lele, Pohnpei State.

PL No. 14-5., is an amendment to specify use of copra subsides for Yap State to be used for copra virgin oil and other copra development. The legislation also designated new uses for certain funds previously designated for Yap Delegation Office and disaster relief with the Governor of Yap State designated as the allottee.

PL No. 14-6., is an amendment to appropriate the remaining balance of $595,000 from funds previously allotted for Southern Namoneas public projects. The amount is to be apportioned as follows: $583,683 -Tonoas, Uman, Fefen, Tsis and Parem economic and social projects, Totiw public projects and other municipal needs. The amount of $11,317 will be for medical supplies.

PL No. 14-7., is an amendment to appropriate $1,159 (remaining balance of Southern Namoneas public projects) to purchase medical supplies.

PL No. 14-9., is a supplemental budget request in the amount of 1,120,000. The amount will be apportioned as:

250,000 - FSM Trust Fund
750,000 - Project Management Unit
60,000 - FSM Patrol Boats [Fuel]
50,000 - MS Caroline Voyager [Fuel]
20,000 - Congressional Travel
20,000 - Representative Fund for newest members of FSM Congress

And the final Bill adopted by the First Regular Session of the 14th FSM Congress is PL No. 14-10. It amends certain sections of a previous law (PL No. 13-46) to prevent lapsing of funds designated for scholarship for Yap students.

Eleven Bills from the First Regular Session of the 14th FSM Congress remains to be acted up on.

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