Government of the Federated States of Micronesia

FSM Women Discussed Issues Facing Them

COLONIA, Yap (FSM Information Service): June 24, 1997 - This morning's session began with a panel of three including Francis X. Hezel, S.J., Director Micronesian Seminar; Betty Benson, Counselor, Bahai's Faith; and John Mangefel, Vice Chairperson, National Women's Advisory Council.

The panel gave their view points of the traditional and cultural versus current practices of women's roles, children roles and spiritual.

The afternoon panel talked about making education in the home and community and school relevant and appropriate to our way of island life. Present as the panelists were Henry Falan, Director of Education; John Gilmatam, Director of Health Services; and Andrew Yatilman, Assistant Director of health Services; and Mary Jane Fox, Language Arts Coordinator.

The speakers for tomorrow's discussions include Swanihda Robonei from the FSM Health Services to present population policy. Other presenters will be from the Youth Resource Team from Yap including Kathy Burch, Youth RAP Representative; Christina Gap'hey, Public Health; and Patty Ruecho, Youth Congress Representative.

Margie Cushing-Falanruw; Ph.E. who is a biologist and Director of the Yap Institute of Natural Science will talk on a framework for sustainable development, and women's roles in a sustainable future.

The officials of the 4th Women's Conference will conclude the conference with signing of the CEDAW on the last day of the conference.

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