Government of the Federated States of Micronesia

FSM Women's Conference Concluded its 4th Meeting

COLONIA, Yap (FSM Information Service): June 27, 1997 - The Fourth FSM Women's Conference concluded its meeting yesterday, June 26, after signing the CEDAW resolution recommending to the FSM Congress to ratify CEDAW in support for other women in other countries who are experiencing discrimination against them.

The FSM women during the meeting agreed that discrimination against women is not an issue here in the FSM.

The resolution was signed by the officials of the 4th FSM Women Conference before leaving Yap for their home states.

It was felt that the objectives of the conference was met before adjourning. The 1995 Plan of Actions was followed-up; the on-going effort to improve the advancement of women in the nation, and development of new strategies to speed up the process, especially the establishment of Non-Governmental Organizations and women in development process was appraised.

Chuuk has now a desk at the Governor's Office manned by a woman, Tanseny Raynolds who is the Special Assistant to the Governor on Women's affairs.

The conference also reviewed the progress of the implementation of FSM commitments announced during the Fourth World Conference on Women; and also formulated goals and objectives on Sustainable Human Development to year 2000 and beyond.

The Conference proposed actions to improve the participation and involvement of grassroots women, transfer responsibilities from government organizations to the community, improve communication and flow of information to women's groups and individuals, improve access to resources, the National Women's groups and Council to become a non-governmental organization and be the national non-governmental organization focal point. The proposed venue for the 1999 FSM Women's Conference is Pohnpei. If Pohnpei agrees to host then the other three states will be informed.

A dinner reception was hosted for the Conference at the Catholic Mission in the evening of June 26 with two dances performed. One, a men's dance performed at the Community Center and the bamboo dance was performed at the Catholic Mission.

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