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Implementation Begins on FSM Telecenter Pilot Project

Palikir, Pohnpei (FSM Information Services): June 29, 2009 - The Telecenter Pilot Projects, which was highlighted in FSMPIO press release 0109-12, is now entering its implementation phase. As indicated in the January 2009 FSM Information Services, this project is funded through a grant by the Asia-Pacific Telecommunity and the Government of Japan to connect three school based community Internet access in Madolenhimw, Pohnpei, Sino Elementary School on Tonoas, Chuuk and Walung Elementary School in Kosrae. The internet connectivity for the school based community telecenters is through FSM Telecom KDDI, Japan has also contributed around 90 used computers for the projects.

The implementation phase will start with Pohnpei, followed by Chuuk and Kosrae. A team of Japanese professionals including Mr. Yosuke Uchiyama and Mr. Toshihiro Kaneko, both Managers of International Cooperation Section of KDDI Corporation of Japan and two master course students from the Graduate School of Global Information and Telecommunication Studies at Waseda University in Japan, arrived in Pohnpei last Monday, June 22, 2009 for this purpose. They are joined by their FSM counterparts from Pohnpei DOE, FSM National DOE, COM-FSM and the Division of Communications, DTC&I.

The FSM/Japan Joint Teams will also be joined by the FSM Telecom Technical Staff for the installation of computers and internet connections for Madolenhimw, scheduled to be completed and operational by the first week of July 2009. The completion date for the Sino Elementary School on Tonoas, Chuuk is scheduled for the 2nd week of July. Walung Elementary School in Kosrae is scheduled to be completed by the 3rd week of July. The training programs, especially for school teachers, on computer skills, education materials and related fields has started in Kosrae last week (June 26, 2009) by Dr. Pramanik (Hiroshi) Kader. He has scheduled a one week training program for each of the sites. Training for Pohnpei will be on the 2nd week of July 2009, followed by Chuuk on the 3rd week of July 2009.

The three (3) Telecenter Projects are a pilot project with the long term objectives to serve as models that can be duplicated throughout the FSM in rural communities and remote islands, where FSM Telecom services are not available or are poorly served. These school-based community telecenters are not for school purposes only but can also be used by the people in the community. Such arrangements for school and community shared access are to be coordinated with the schools and the community.

While the critical issue of sustainability is a concern, this phase of the project cannot be realized without the support and collective efforts of all stakeholders involved. Namely, they are:

  • Office of the President

  • FSM Department of TC&I


  • FSM Department of Education

  • FSM Telecom Corporation

  • Office of the Governor, Pohnpei State

  • Pohnpei DOE

  • Madolenhimw High Commissioner's Office

  • Office of the Governor, Chuuk

  • Chuuk DOE

  • Tonoas Mayor's Office

  • FSM Telecom, Chuuk Branch Office

  • Office of the Governor, Kosrae

  • Kosrae DOE

  • FSM Telecom , Kosrae Branch Office

For further information on the project, please contact the Department of TC&I at (691) 320-5853 or email Mr. Johnnyboy at

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For further information on this release, please contact:

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