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French Documentary Film Crew in FSM

Palikir, Pohnpei (FSM Information Services): July 6, 2009 - A documentary film crew from France has just arrived in Pohnpei State to begin the filming of a television travel series. The crew is headed by lead journalist, Ms. Maud de Bohan, from France 3 Television, one cameraman, and one underwater photographer, Ms. Julie Morgan of Yap. Their plan is to stay in Pohnpei for eight days to film Nan Madol and other sites of interest, and then go on to Yap State, where they plan on doing some filming on Yap's stone money.

Ms. de Bohan explained that her crew is currently working on the production of a series of 10 documentaries (52-minute films), the aim of which is to create an entertaining television travel series showcasing 10 countries around the world. The Federated States of Micronesia is one of the ten countries they have selected for this project.

Ms. de Bohan stated that, "these documentaries will be aired on France 5 (a French national broadcaster) over the summer of 2010. The films will be broadcast at prime time on a weekly basis over 10 weeks and they will also be broadcast on an international level via the networks of France Television Distribution (FTD). Moreover, a second series of ten 26-minute programs will also be made from these film shots. The dates of broadcast have not yet been scheduled but probably will be shown over the winter months of 2010 and 2011."

As well as the documentary films being created, they are creating a series of short trailers, with a duration of 30 to 90 seconds, that will be put online on the internet website of France 5 to promote and accompany the series, before, during and after the broadcast of the programs. Their website can be found at

Their plan is to combine the beauty of these places with a series of portraits of interesting and exciting people who live there. Ms. de Bohan said that "these films will be shot with the best HD cameras currently available to television producers in order to create a series of documentary films of great aesthetic beauty."

While in Pohnpei, the film crew plans to go to Nan Madol, which will serve as the main part of the feature. They will be joined by Dr. Rufino Mauricio, Director of the FSM National Archives, Culture & Historic Preservation Office. Also assisting the film crew are Mr. Edgar Santos of the Pohnpei State Visitors Bureau, Mr. Bermance Aldis of the FSM Department of Resources and Development, and Mr. Augustine Kohler from Pohnpei State Office of Historic Preservation. The Village Hotel will be used for guide services and will provide a diver who will be filmed for underwater scenes at Nan Madol.

While in Yap, they will be working with a historic preservation officer to about Yap's stone money.

The aim of these programs is to offer the audience a vast series about outstanding places on earth that are still pristine and well preserved. Their intention is to show that there are still "secret places, incredible lands where nature has maintained its original beauty and purity."

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