Government of the Federated States of Micronesia

Proposed Bills for Constitutional Amendments

Palikir, POHNPEI (FSM Information Services/FSMDOJ): July 7, 2008 - On June 30, 2008 President Mori sent a letter to Speaker Figir to inform him that draft legislations for proposed constitutional amendments will be submitted to Congress for its consideration during its next session.

The proposed constitutional amendments are as follows:

  1. To amend the Constitution to lower the constitutional threshold requirement for amending the Constitution from 75 percent to 60 percent;

  2. To amend the Constitution to make former presidents ineligible to run for Congress following his/her presidency; to allow for election of the President by popular vote; and, for new amendment not to apply to sitting or current President and Vice President.

  3. To amend the Constitution to abolish two year term seats and make all four year term seats; and, to set term limits for members of Congress to a maxim of 3 consecutive terms or a total of 12 years;

  4. To amend the Constitution to abolish life-time appointments for FSM Supreme Court judges, and to limit their term to a maximum of one term of 15 years.

In his letter to Speaker Figir, the President informed him that he has signed into law a one-time increase in the base salary of employees subject to the Public Service System.

In the same letter, the President indicated he intends to take further reform measures to offset the salary increase, and that he needs the support of Congress to be successful. The President intends to be making a review of all areas of the government to see where the government can be streamlined without undermining its ability to carry out its mandate to people and nation. In this connection, his goal is to try to reduce government employment by 10 percent and the budget accordingly for the next three years.

He also noted that the objective of his reforms is to offset the salary increase, ensure its sustainability and promote efficiency in government.

Finally, he requested Congress to place on the ballot for the March 2009 General Election the proposed constitutional amendment to lower the threshold requirement for amending the Constitution, and urged Congress to seriously consider placing the term limits on the 2011 General Election ballot in order to cut direct and indirect costs, give others the opportunity to serve, and promote new ideas.

He concluded his letter by stating that although the constitutional requirement threshold and term limit changes appear marginally related to the salary increase, there will be significant benefits in terms of cost reduction which savings could be utilized to offset future salary increases.

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