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Three Local Navigators Ordained on Pollap, Chuuk

Palikir, POHNPEI (FSM Information Service): July 7, 2006 - Vice President Killion attended the PPWO (Bo), Navigation ceremony of three new navigators that were ordained in the northwestern region of Chuuk.

The three navigators are Manris Yongoran, Frank Titus and Samuel Aamo from Pollap. The ceremony took place on July 1 and 2nd 2006,

They are in their beginners stage and are now among four master navigators on the island.

The PPWO ceremony began with a traditional welcoming of Vice President Redley Killion and Lt. Governor Johnson Elimo of Chuuk and their delegations where the islanders crowd the beach with their songs and chants as the two delegations wade the shore from FSS Palikir and MS Chief Milo.

It took one and a half days to complete the PPWO ceremony. The first day, July 1 2006, was the preparation of pounded breadfruit by the men and pounded sweet taro by the women.

Beside a number of rituals, both the pounded breadfruit and the pounded sweet taro were placed in a wooden jar and was covered with pieces of homemade cloths numbering as many as the atolls within their navigational vicinity. The jar was then placed diagonally to the ceremonial men's house, one end facing east and the other facing west.

The main PPWO ceremonial ritual occupied the morning of the nest day. Ordination of the navigators was executed on this day. Again, with chants and traditional rituals the three new navigators were ordained and were named as Master Navigators, but in their early stage. At this point, the jar was opened ritually and the content shared by the navigators.

The last PPWO ceremony was in 2000.

After the PPWO ceremony the people of Pollap commenced the formal reception for Vice President Redley Killion and Lt. Governor Johnson Elimo and their two delegations.

Vice President's delegation left Pollap midnight of July 2, 2006 to Namwein.

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