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Seven Congressional Acts signed into law by President Mori

Palikir, Pohnpei (FSM Information Services): July 7, 2011 - President Manny Mori on June 29 and 30, 2011 signed seven Congressional Acts into law. Congressional Act No. 17-02 has become Public Law No. 17-02. This legislation further amends Title 2, Section 201 of the FSM Code, requiring Congressional action on Presidential nominations to occur within two consecutive sessions or 30 days after nominations' submission to Congress, whichever occurs later. Nominations not confirm within the specified period of time will be deemed rejected by Congress. The amending bill was introduced by Senator Joseph J. Urusemal.

Congressional Act No. 17-08 has become Public Law No. 17-03. This law amends Title 21, Chapter 2, Section 208 "Tax Liability" of the FSM Code. This amendment renders FSM Telecommunication Corporation (FSMTC) subject to taxation under gross revenue tax - GRT. The amending bill, which failed to pass the last session of the Sixteen Congress, was jointly introduced by Senator Tony H. Otto and Senator Bonsiano F. Nethon.

Congressional Act No. 17-06 has become Public Law No. 17-07. It is an amendment to Section 8 of Public Law No. 15-11, which has an unexpended portion for "Grants, Subsidies and Contributions" in fiscal year ending September 30, 2008. As attested to by the Department of Finance, funds available therein can be tapped until fully expended. This amendment allows for the purchase of a school bus, sporting facility upgrade, and procurement of school supplies in Pohnpei State. The bill was introduced by Senator David W. Panuelo.

Congressional Act numbers 17-03, 17-04, 17-05, and 17-07 propose various changes to appropriations from the Sixteen Congress for economic projects and social programs in all the four States in FSM. These changes merely redistribute existing amounts from one project or program to another. No additional funds are incurred.

For CA No. 17-04, (PL No. 17-04), President Mori expressed his appreciation to Congress for putting in place an "appropriate modification" to make "appropriation and implementation process more fair and transparent".

The President remains concerned that repeated amendments to public projects and programs "could be taken as uncertainty and flaw" on the part of planners and leaders.

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