Government of the Federated States of Micronesia

Student Take-Over Day at FSM Offices

PALIKIR, Pohnpei (FSM Information Service): July 4, 1997 - On June 26, 1997, sixteen PICS High School students represented the Talent Search Program (TSP) to participate in a student take-over day activity that was held at various FSM National Government offices, approved by His Excellency Jacob Nena, according to a TSP release.

"The National Government support this event," the President stated. A courtesy call was made on FSM Vice President Leo A. Falcam by the students and TSP Director Heinrick Palik in which Palik thanked the FSM Government for its assistance and support in promoting student's educational experience. Vice President Falcam was pleased to have the students participate in the activity at the government office and encouraged them to strive for the best.

Sixteen students involved in the take-over day and their assigned offices were Stokichy Simram, Senior as FSM President; Francis Silbanuz, Senior, FSM Vice President; Benjamin Ekiek, Senior, Special Assistant to the President; Rotston Rott, Senior, External Affairs Secretary; Joyce Edgar, Senior, Education Secretary; Marie Faye Weber, Junior, Division Chief, Education; Natalya Peter, Junior, Attorney-General; Genevine Mongkeya, Senior, Division Chief, AG; Sunijiah Joel, Senior, Division Chief AG; Naimey Weilbacher, Senior, National Planner; Wilfred Norman, Senior, Division Chief, OPS; Berden Joel, Senior, Division Chief OPS; Mitzue Smith, Senior Division Secretary; Ankey Elias, Senior, OPS Maintenance Chief; Duane Hainrick, Senior, Chief Justice, and Oriana Gilmete, Freshmen and the youngest of the participants played the role if the Director of the Court Administration. Several students from various TSP target schools were observing their fellow students in action.

The students were coached and assisted by Josaiah Waguk and Tony Otto from the President's Office, Mr. Kodaro Gallen from the Department of External Affairs, Mr. Burnis Dannis from the Department of Education, Mr. Emilio Musrasrik. from the Attorney General's Office, Mr. Bermin Weilbacher and Robert Hadley from OPS, and Ms. Emiliana Musrasrik. from the Supreme Court.

Prior to the Student Take-Over Day, the students underwent on-the-job training at their assigned offices from May 30th through June 25th, to get acquainted with the functions of the government including a workshop held on May 23, 1997 at the Pohnpei Campus in which coaches and the TSP staff gave an overview of various government department structure and functions.

The goal of the student take-over the government day was to provide them the opportunity to learn and for a one day to experience how decisions are made in the government. This experience is believed to continue (to) motivate them to aim higher for their educational goals.

The program was designed to assist the students to develop academically and socially. The experience they gain through this program will stimulate their interest to dream about positive goals for their future.

Talent Search Program is a U.S. Federally funded program began on Pohnpei in October of 1994. It involves tutoring and counseling services to 11 participating elementary and high schools including Kolonia, Ohmine, Sokehs Powe, Sekere, Wone, Wapar, Sapwalap, Saladak, Nett, Seinwar and PICS High School.

The tutoring and counseling services are geared to assist students to improve their ability in Math, Science and English, and to develop self-esteem and social relationships. Students from low-income and first generation families with the potential to succeed are eligible to join this program.

The Talent Search Program staff include Director Heinrich Palik, two Counselors Rita Harris and Patricia Pedrus, and Administrative Assistant Cindy Lekka, and several teachers and tutors from PICS High School and the College of Micronesia-FSM.

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