Government of the Federated States of Micronesia

Chuuk Inaugurates New Administration

Palikir, Pohnpei (FSM Information Services): July 8, 2009 - On July 2, 2009 at 11:00am Chuuk time, more than five hundred Chuukese and citizens of other FSM states packed the Saramen Chuuk Development Center at Saramen Chuuk High School in Weno, Chuuk, to honor and witness the Inaugural Celebration of the Chuuk State Leadership. The Chuuk State Leadership that was inaugurated included the newly elected Governor, Hon. Wesley Simina, the Lieutenant Governor, Johnson Elimo, and the Chuuk State Legislatures; both the House of Senate and the House of Representatives.

The dignitaries that were present at the inauguration were Governor John Ehsa, Pohnpei State, Governor Sabastian Anefal, Yap State, FSM Congressman Dohsis Halbert, Pohnpei State, FSM Congressman Peter Sitan, Chuuk State, FSM Congressman Dion G. Neth, Pohnpei State, Floor Leader of the FSM Congress, Hon. Joe Suka and the Secretary FSM Foreign Affairs, Hon. Lorin Robert.

Also present from the Diplomatic Corps were Mr. William D. Douglass, Charge de` Affairs, US Embassy in the FSM, Ms. Mariko Harada, Second Secretary/ Economic Corporation Affairs/ Development Assistant Officer, Japan Embassy, and Counselor Qin, Charge de` Affairs, China Embassy in the FSM accompanied by Attache, Su Yongbin.

The Ceremony started out with honor guards presenting the FSM and the Chuuk State flags then the introduction and seating of the dignitaries, followed by the Invocation by Rev. Steioshy Manuel from the Logan Memorial Church. This was followed by songs and the welcoming remarks from the Hon. Pintas Kenneth, Deputy Mayer of Weno Municipality. Then more songs and then came the Inaugural address by Gov. Simina. Followed by more songs and then the ceremony ended with the Benediction by Rev. Fr. Rosendo Rudolf.

In his Inaugural Address, Governor Wesley Simina said that on July 1st four years ago, he stood before the people of Chuuk and gave them what he saw than as the condition of the state of Chuuk and what he believed ought to be done in order to make Chuuk a better place and a better home. He went on to say that, "I am proud to say that for the past four years, Chuuk is indeed moving forward, slowly but, truly."

Governor Simina thanked the donor countries for the support they contributed to the development of Chuuk. Most especially, he thanked the United States of America for the genuine support that comes through the Compact of Free Association.

Governor Simina also tried to convey to the Chuukese staying abroad not to forget their home island and that their home island, Chuuk, awaits their contributions to the development of Chuuk in any form, be it in deed or as they deem best for their mother state.

The celebration ended around Two-thirty in the afternoon. The FSM Public Information Office videotaped the event and copies will be given to the local TV stations for broadcast. You can access the audio of Governor Simina's address at the FSMPIO website using the following link:

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