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11th Micronesia Chief Executives Summit Opens in Majuro

Palikir, Pohnpei (FSM Information Services): July 14, 2009 - The 11th Micronesia Chief Executives Summit (MCES) opened today, July 14th, at the International Conference Center in Majuro, Marshall Islands. The ceremony opened with a traditional Marshallese welcoming chant as the principals of the summit entered the conference room. Attending this 11th MCES are H.E. Litokwa Tomeing, President of the Republic of the Marshall Islands, H.E. Emanuel Mori, President of the Federated States of Micronesia, H.E. Johnson Toribiong, President of Palau, Hon. Benigno Fitial, Governor of the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, Hon. Felix Camacho, Governor of Guam, Hon. John Ehsa, Governor of Pohnpei, Hon. Robert Weilbacher, Governor of Kosrae, and Hon. Sebastian Anefal, Governor of Yap.

After an invocation by the Reverend Enja Enos, a dance troupe entertained the audience with a Republic of the Marshall Islands Flag Dance. After the entertainment, the President of RMI gave his opening remarks, which focused on the theme of Climate Change and the Energy Challenge. He also talked about Micronesian solidarity; the one voice of the people of Micronesia.

Next, President Mori gave his opening remarks where he thanked President Tomeing for sponsoring the summit meetings and he also welcomed President Toribiong of Palau, as this is his first time to attend the MCES. President Mori talked about the common island bonds we share and the common island issues we face. He affirmed the need for Micronesia to speak with one voice on issues that directly impact our people and our children's future, and highlighted two issues that he feels this summit should take action on; climate change and the Micronesia Center for a Sustainable Future. President Mori spoke of his recent trip to Sweden and the Tallberg Forum where he brought the issue of climate change and its affects on Micronesia to the people of Europe and gave his commitment to work with the leaders of the MCES to ensure that this message grows in strength every year. He also encouraged the leaders to work together at this summit to establish the parameters of the Micronesia Center for a Sustainable Future, which will set up an administrative mechanism to implement the objectives that the MCES wants to focus on.

Following President Mori, President Toribiong of Palau gave a brief statement of welcome and his commitment to listen, learn and contribute to the summit meeting. Following President Toribiong, Governor Fitial gave remarks on behalf of all the Governors of the MCES. He echoed the remarks of President Tomeing and spoke about the need and the strength of Micronesian solidarity and for the MCES to set new goals that can be achieved for tomorrow.

The Opening of the 11th MCES ended with two songs sung by the Ministry of Education Choir and a photo session with all the Presidents, Governors and the First Ladies in attendance.

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