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The Pohnpei Higher Achievement Program Visits President Mori

Palikir, Pohnpei (FSM Information Services): July 15, 2009 - On Friday July 10, 2009, around 65 students and teachers involved with the Higher Achievement Program (HAP) paid an educational visit to the FSM National Government complex in Palikir and met with President Manny Mori. HAP is an annual academic program for some of the best students who have successfully completed their seventh grade year at many elementary schools around Pohnpei. The program is meant to help the students in preparing for their high school education and also promotes the benefits of attending Xavier High School for their high school education.

The HAP program takes place at the Pohnpei Catholic School (PCS) campus in Kolonia. It runs from June 22 to July 31st. Presently there are 53 students, 3 teachers; 2 from Xavier High School and one from PCS, and 11 assistants who are all Xavier students from Pohnpei State who are home for summer vacation.

During their visit with President Mori, the President interacted with the students and challenged them to continue to work hard with their education. He told them that they were high achievers, and that is why they were selected for this program, but they shouldn't be content with where they are now. He stressed the importance of their education and choice of occupation because eventually they will be the one responsible for growing the economy. He also encouraged the young girls in the group to think about becoming President and Governor some day, so they can bring new leadership traits to these offices.

The students asked the President many questions, most of which centered on what it is like to be President and what President Mori likes most about his job. The President told the students that being President means making tough decisions, but that these decisions can help so many people in the FSM. He told them that he likes to be able to help the FSM progress and that this is dependent on students achieving the most from their education.

When it came to questions on what it was like to attend Xavier, President Mori shared a few stories of what it was like to attend Xavier during the days when he was a high school student. He mentioned that things have changed a lot since then, but that the one thing they will benefit most from attending Xavier is that they will learn about discipline and with this new skill, they can be more successful in life.

This visit was organized by Ms. Megan Bell, a Jesuit International Volunteer who works at Xavier High School and is one of the HAP teachers this year.

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