Government of the Federated States of Micronesia

11th Micronesia Chief Executives' Summit Update #1

Palikir, Pohnpei (FSM Information Services): July 15, 2009 - After the Opening Ceremony of the 11th Micronesia Chief Executives' Summit (MCES) on Tuesday, July 14th, the 8 principals attending the summit heard presentations from several of the technical groups present. The first presentation was from the Micronesia Regional Invasive Species Council (RISC) on the status of on-going projects to protect Micronesia from invasive species. This was followed by a presentation from the Regional Workforce Development Council which spent most of their presentation time talking about the opportunities for all the islands with the Guam Military Build Up. Next was a presentation from the Regional Energy Committee, where a proposal for a "floating secretariat" was entertained, and finally there was a presentation by the Pacific Island Regional Recycling Initiative Council (PIRRIC), which focused on solid waste management successes and needs in the Micronesia region.

One issue that came up for discussion was that former President of Palau, Tommy Remengesau, Jr., had submitted his resignation as Interim Secretary General of the Center for a Sustainable Future, citing his limitations to work on the project due to his election as a Senator in the Eighth Olbil Era Kelulau. The Micronesian Chief Executives discussed the importance of selecting a replacement and Hon. Governor Benigno Fitial of CNMI nominated President Manny Mori to take his place. More discussion on the Center was necessary and the issue was tabled for the next day's session.

After the day's events, the Micronesia Chief Executives and their delegations were invited to an evening reception sponsored by the Speaker of the Nitijela of the Marshall Islands, Iroij Jurelang Zedkaia. Although the Speaker was not able to be present at the reception, Senator Gerald Zackios read a welcoming statement prepared by the Speaker. Members of the Nitijela were also present and at the end of the evening, all stood up and sang a song of welcome to the members of the MCES.

When the 11th MCES Joint Communiqué is signed on Wednesday, July 15th, a more detailed account of what the principals endorse on these issues will be released.

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