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FSM Games Awards Medals to Athletes

TOFOL, Kosrae (FSM Information Service): July 18, 1997 - As of yesterday, July 17, 1997, the FSM games have awarded 31 medals to athletes from the four states competing in Kosrae. The medals awarded include 18 for Pohnpei, 10 for Kosrae, two for Chuuk and one for Yap.

The second day of the games competition started under a blazing, early morning sun as the first of the two-day swimming competition took center stage.

Swimmers representing only two states, Pohnpei and Kosrae, took to the newly constructed 50 meter four-lane saltwater pool in Lelu at 8 am. Hundreds of spectators lied the causeway and streets to watch their athletes churn the dredged waters.

By the end of the day's swimming competition, Pohnpei swept every events with nine gold medals. Pohnpei also nabbed six silver medals.

Up for grabs were six men's and women's medal events; 400 meter freestyle, 50 meter breaststroke, 50 meter backstroke, 100 meter freestyle, men's only 100 meter butterfly, and the 4x50 medley relay.

Betsy Laughton, representing Kosrae in the 50 meter breaststroke, flew from Salinas, California to compete. Though she took a bronze medal, the third year Hartnell College nursing student said the competition was high and the pool, fast.

Bill Sokovich, Northern Mariana Islands Amateur Sports Association, President and Kathy Tessier of ASP 2000 served as swimming officials.

Kosrae and Yap Medal

Kosrae received its first gold medal of the Games July 17, in men's team tennis with a 5-1 victory over Pohnpei. Yap also got on the medal board with a bronze in table tennis after defeating Chuuk, 5-1.

Glamour Sports Take Off

During mid-afternoon at the jammed-packed Tofol Sports Complex track, four heats were competed in each of the men's and women's 100 meter sprints and 400 meter run.

Kosrae took two of four heats, but it was Chuuk's Josephine Sones and Pohnpei's Yolanny Manuel who blazed the trail with identical 14.1 second times. Reileen Albert, Pohnpei's 100 meter gold medalist in the 1995 Games, lost a squeaker to Kosrae's 13 year old barefoot sensation Kasey Tilfas by :03 seconds.

In the men's 100 meter sprints, Chuuk took two heats and Pohnpei and Kosrae one each. Peter Jackson from Kosrae powered through the finish line at 12.1 seconds, followed by Chuuk's Marno Kinfro :02 seconds later.

The 400 meter results were unavailable at press time.

Spiker take to Courts

Yap's women spikers made it look easy with an aggressive combination of blocking and serving in the first volleyball games as they trounced Chuuk in straight sets, 15-2, 15-8, and 15-5 in the best of five format. The second women's games features Pohnpei vs. Kosrae.

In men's volleyball action, Yap takes on Chuuk; Pohnpei will go against Kosrae. Scores will be available sometime today, July 18.

Pitching Key to Pohnpei Win

In the first baseball game played during the Games, Pohnpei continued its '95 Games winning ways with a 6-2 pitching duel over Kosrae.

Pohnpei's starting pitcher, Stabley Scalieum, pitched a full nine innings giving up only one earned run. Kosrae's pitcher Isaac Joel left the bottom of the eighth with the score 1-2.

"This was a very exciting pitcher's duel, with both men doing their utmost," said Pearl Kissel, Peace Corps volunteer from California and noted baseball enthusiast.

Official Results (July 17)

400 meter men's freestyle: McCarthy Hairens, 5.29.59, Gold; Joensten Route, Pohnpei, 5.38.47 Silver; Willy Tulenkun, Kosrae 6.57.56 Bronze; 400 meter women's freestyle: Roseleen Marquez, Pohnpei, 6.01.58 Gold; Joceleen Nicholas, Pohnpei, 6.16.85, Silver; Gina Tobin, Kosrae, 6.55.42, Bronze. 50 meter men's breaststroke: Justy Route, Pohnpei, 36.49, Gold; Justin Route, Pohnpei 36.78, Silver; Nickson Tulenkun, Kosrae 41.06, Bronze. 50 meters women's breaststroke: Elizabeth Spencer, Pohnpei, 24.27, Gold; Merither Route, Pohnpei, 43.69, Silver; Betsy Laughton, Kosrae, 49.47 Bronze. 50 meters men's backstroke: Jerry Route, Pohnpei, 32.99, Gold; Killer Hairens, Pohnpei, 33.52, Silver; Joel Andrew, Kosrae 36.76, Bronze. 50 meter women's backstroke: Roseleen Marquez, Pohnpei, 38.62, Gold; Joceleen Nicholas, Pohnpei, 39.34, Silver; Kathy Tobin, Kosrae, 52.06, Bronze. 100 meter men's butterfly: Killer Hairens, Pohnpei, 1.25:49, Gold; Dickrichard Paulino, Kosrae, 1.28:87, Silver; Livingston Route, Pohnpei, 1.35:59, Bronze. 4x50 men's medley relay: Pohnpei, 2.12:52, Gold; Kosrae, 2.25:34, Silver. 4x50 women's medley relay: Pohnpei, 2.48:37, Gold; Kosrae, 3.15:16, Silver.

Table Tennis Final Results (July 17)

Men's Team Event: Kosrae, Gold; Kosrae defeated Pohnpei, 5-1, Pohnpei, Silver; Yap defeated Chuuk, 5-1, Yap, Bronze.

Baseball Results (July 17)

Men: Pohnpei defeated Kosrae, 6-2; Women (July 16): Kosrae defeated Yap, 63-57; Pohnpei defeated Chuuk, 53-37.

Basketball Results (July 16)

Men: Kosrae defeated Yap, 82-63; Pohnpei defeated Chuuk, 82-66.

Men's Fast-Pitch Softball Results (July 16)

Kosrae defeated Chuuk, 15-2; Pohnpei defeated Yap 17-1.

Women's Softball Results (July 16)

Pohnpei defeated Yap, 45-0; Kosrae defeated Chuuk, 11-1.

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