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Update on the Zika outbreak

Colonia, YAP (Yap Department of Health Services): July 20, 2007 - Sporadic cases of Zika continue to present at the Yap Memorial Hospital and the Community Health Center sites. There was one new probable case from on Yap Proper this week with onset of 7/15/07. Two new probable cases were also identified in travelers from the neighboring islands. The total cases that presented to health care are now 63 confirmed cases (by PCR and IgM analysis) and 73 probable cases.

The community survey of Yap Proper has been completed and data is now being analyzed. It involved an environmental survey, entomologic collection, and serosurvey. The success of the survey owes much to the Wa'ab Community Health Center (WCHC). The WCHC utilizes health workers from each area of Yap Proper. They provide outreach into their own communities and were essential in getting the survey teams into the villages. The survey also had vital technical support from the CDC, FSM National Government, WHO and Institut Pasteur.

Probable cases have been identified in the neighboring islands and arrangements have been made to obtain blood samples for confirmation.

A travel advisory for all in-bound and out-bound passengers to Yap remains in effect. It asks that individuals visiting Yap avoid mosquito bites. If a visitor to Yap falls ill while in Yap or after returning home, they are requested to report to a health professional. In order to reduce the risk of infecting other islands or other countries, individuals are strongly advised not to travel if they are feeling ill. Health professionals who suspect Zika in a patient (especially with recent travel to Yap) are asked to immediately inform their local health department and the FSM Department of Health at (691) 320-2619 or the Yap Epinet Team at To reduce the risk of establishing local transmission, patients should be instructed to avoid mosquito exposure during their acute illness.

There have been no updates to the Zika brochure. Interested clinicians and health professionals can contact the Yap State EpiNet Team for a PDF version of the flier that summarizes some of the preliminary clinical characteristics of the outbreak at We plan to periodically update this brochure as additional information becomes available.

Please contact Dr. Martin Bel at if you have further questions.

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