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9th Micronesian Presidents' Summit Concludes in Majuro

Palikir, Pohnpei (FSM Information Services): July 20, 2009 - On the second day of the 9th Micronesian Presidents' Summit (MPS), a plenary session was held to provide presentations to the three heads of state on various topics affecting the three nations. The agenda had been streamlined to edit out topics that had been addressed during the 11th Micronesia Chief Executives' Summit (MCES) two days prior, but two agenda items from the MCES were briefly touched upon; the Micronesian Center for a Sustainable Future, which President Manny Mori of the FSM is the new Interim Secretary General, and the Micronesian Challenge. This was done so that the Joint Communiqué will reflect the endorsement of the Presidents for the MPS.

Starting the new issues was Mr. Jack Chong-Gum of the RMI Ports Authority with a briefing on the Airport Improvement Projects in the three countries, followed by a presentation on the Sasakawa Peace Foundation Regional Coast Guard Project, by Ms. Junko Chano, the Executive Director of the Foundation. Both projects continue to be endorsed by the MPS.

Session One also included presentations on the regional Office of the Secretariat of the Pacific Community, regional and international trade issues, reform of the PNI Fisheries Management, a Pacific Plan update, an extension of the College of Micronesia Treaty, and acceptance of the Hokkaido Declaration that was made at the PALM 5 Summit in May.

Session Two of the MPS brought up energy issues, the Majuro Declaration on Climate Change, and a presentation on an All Micronesia Airways by the Threewins Corporation. All of the official actions and endorsements of the MPS will be published in the 9th MPS Joint Communiqué that will be available shortly.

After the plenary session, the President of the Republic of the Marshall Islands, H.E. Litokwa Tomeing and the First Lady, held a signing reception at the Marshall Islands Resort. During a brief program, the three Presidents signed the Joint Communiqué and enjoyed entertainment from groups representing the three countries.

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