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President Mori Receives Response from Tällberg Foundation

Palikir, Pohnpei (FSM Information Services): July 24, 2009 - In June, 2009, President Mori travelled to Tällberg, Sweden to give the keynote address at the Tällberg Forum. The President's trip was sponsored by the Micronesia Challenge and the President's address focused on climate change and the work that is being done by the three FAS nations in regards to the Micronesia Challenge. In response to President Mori's trip and speech, the Chairman of the Tällberg Foundation, Mr. Bo Ekman, wrote a letter of thanks to President Mori.

In the letter, Mr. Ekman stated that President Mori's message "left no one untouched" or "in doubt about the seriousness of the situation (in Micronesia), and that we have passed the point of no return." Mr. Ekman said that the world is still experiencing a global helplessness in meeting this "unprecedented situation" and there is "precious little leadership to meet a new situation that even science was far, far behind in detecting."

Mr. Ekman told President Mori that his "stern message and linking the future fate of (his) people", the understanding and the analyses of climate change issues have come together. He wished the President "all the best" for the future and for getting his important message out to the world.

Mr. Ekman will be asking the Stockholm Environment Institute to provide FSM with good scientific names for the Pan-Pacific conference and plans on inviting President Mori to the planned workshop in the Maldives on the ecological, economic and social futures of South Asia.

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