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President Mori Meets with Assistant Secretary Anthony Babauta of Guam

Palikir, Pohnpei (FSM Information Services): July 26, 2010 - On July 26, 2010, President Emanuel Mori met in Palikir with Assistant Secretary Anthony M. Babauta from the US Department of Interior. Mori welcomed Babauta and his delegation, and personally congratulated him in assuming the helm of the Office of Insular Area Office. He indicated that the Secretary's personal experience with the FSM and Micronesia region gives him an excellent insight into the challenges facing FSM regarding the implementation of the amended Compact. He also expressed his gratitude for the strong and successful relations between our two peoples, which began 60 years ago, and emphasized the need for a renewed partnership, underscoring the success in the fight against terrorism and for the effective implementation of the amended Compact, particularly in the areas of infrastructure development, institutional reform, energy, and investment to develop the tourism industry and spur much productivity growth in the private sector of the economy.

Riding on the success of the financial reforms in Kosrae and Chuuk, Mori advised, the FSM Government continues to look toward the FSM/US partnership for interventions in other sectors including education, infrastructure and private sector development. Mori stressed that such reforms are critical and underpin an improved FSM economy, which is good for both the US and the FSM as well as for the Micronesia region. The President thanked Secretary Babauta and the US Government for being a good host to its citizens and for extending economic and social opportunities to those who are working and residing in Guam, Hawaii, and beyond. He also affirmed keen interest in labor and development opportunities that the Guam Military Build-Up will generate.

Babauta conveyed the US Government's appreciation to the FSM Government, especially to its citizens who are serving in the armed forces and thanked the President for receiving him and his delegation. He also expressed gratitude to the Micronesia chief executives regarding their support for his nomination to the assistant secretary post. Babauta indicated that he is familiar with the issues affecting the Micronesian islands and declared his new role will mean more involvement in these issues through a committed collaboration with President Mori and other Micronesian leaders. He emphasized the need for partnership in undertaking the needed policy reforms to improve the capacity of the islands, especially in the areas of accountability and economic development.

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