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FSM Youth Summit Outcomes

Palikir, Pohnpei (FSM Information Services): July 27, 2009 - FSM Youth Leaders gathered in Chuuk from June 23-26, 2009 and held the 16th Youth Leadership Conference, which hosted the 5th Meeting of the FSM Youth Council Incorporated, carried a national theme of "The Healthy Environment and Healthy Future: Challenges, Opportunity and Sustainability". This group was comprised of the executive members of the four FSM states' youth organizations.

During the youth summit, the leaders celebrated several accomplishments. First, they held the 'First environmental day event', where trees were planted and the road was cleaned between the airport and the post office in Weno, Chuuk. Second, educational awareness presentations and workshops were facilitated by the states' youth representatives and staff of the Office of Environment and Emergency Management. Finally, "Youth Empowerment" was realized for the first time when FSM Youth Council youth representatives convened during the youth summit. The youth member representatives held that by national policy definition only those who are eligible can attend the 5th Meeting of the FSM Youth Council Inc. The first meeting was held and went into caucus where they elected the executive representatives from each state of the FSM. It was convened again during the youth summit and the executive representatives went into a caucus meeting and decided on the following officials:

  • President- Mr. Timothy Ruda of Yap State

  • Vice President - Mr. Michael Kanas of Chuuk State

  • Secretary - Ms. Kimiko Eliam of Pohnpei State

  • Treasurer - Ms. Joy George of Kosrae State

The FSM Youth Day Event was held at the Saramen Chuuk High School Gymnasium, where over 280 youth participated in the celebration. The National Anthem was sung by the youth and there were some encouraging speeches. All of the five youth groups gave inspiration through singing and performances.

Youth Empowerment, which included youth resource representatives, gave some insightful presentations on issues affecting their population. Presentations broached topics such as the Public Health Adolescent Health Development Program for preventive measures of early pregnancies and HIV/AIDS. There were presentations on workforce, manpower development and skill development for young people, including apprenticeship programs for the military build-up in Guam, and presentations on the FSM Department of Education Scholarship programs. Youth Empowerment also included youth representatives making decision on the policy review by themselves.

A significant portion of the youth summit was dedicated to reviewing the National Youth Policy 2004-2010. This review was facilitated by the Human Development section of the Secretariat of the Pacific Community, headquartered in Pohnpei, with the staff from the Division of Social Affairs of the FSM Department of Health & Social Affairs. The actual review of the policy was done by youth participants in working groups, which was the first time in the history of the policy review that this was done.

The youth member representatives who attended the FSM Youth Council Inc., agreed to continue to hold annual youth summits in accordance to the National Youth Policy and to maintain the same name. However, it was agreed that the executive members of the Council will meet for a few days prior to the Regional Conference of the Micronesian Youth Service network, and Pohnpei will prepare to host in this summit in 2010.

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